Carter Jacobs Gets His Muscle Butt Fucked By Maverick Men

It’s quite sometime since I last saw muscle jock Carter Jacobs in action.

MAVERICK MEN just released this new video called “The Carter Administration” Check out the preview video below, Carter gets his tight muscle butt fucked hard by Cole and Hunter.

Hey guys, this is a super special video with our favorite stud muffin, Carter Jacobs. We LOVE us some Carter, lol. For the life of me I couldn’t come up with a title for this vid so we asked our webmaster Gary and he came up with the GEM of a title, The Carter Administration. You will love this sweat-soaked sticky fuck video; it’s a real voyeurs look into a crazy typical night out with us. We take a late-night skinny dip with Carter and some friends, have some super fun car sex, and then eventually rent a hotel room and have a hot gang bang. YES we were a little drunk and that just added to the nasty hot sex we all had. We had a friend or two tag along to add to the fun so you’ll see a random hung buddy of ours jump into the mix. I love watching Carter’s straight boy persona melt away as he gets buzzed. This is particularly evident in the way he passionately kisses us both as we fuck his tight muscle butt. WOOF! There’s nothing like watching a jacked-up, tat-covered, straight boy embrace man on man action. You will LOVE watching us fuck Carter’s sweet muscle ass and man handle him into ecstasy. Let us know if you want to see more Carter and tell us why you love him so much.


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  1. manu says

    I like Carter and his sweet ass but it’s sad that he has cut his hair so short, the wild haircut suits him a lot better.

  2. balfo says

    I love Carter and I surely will watch all the videos with him as a bottom.
    About Maverickmen, can’t they find some others muscle guys to fuck? Carter, BennyG and Angelo Antonio: can we see someone else?

  3. Kurt says

    He’s a strange one. It never seems like he enjoys getting fucked. But the MM don’t pay the guys they fuck (apparently). I guess the exposure helps his hooking profile

  4. manu says

    Pretty sure the mm pay their models.
    After all they make money from their videos, so unless the models have royalties, they’re getting screwed twice 😉

  5. GMan says

    It is amazing that they repackage the same scene they released at least a year ago. Nothing new to see here at all. As for Carter. Well it would be nice to tell people he was straight once and not try to continue the fantasy on each site he goes to?

  6. Jack36 says

    Was just gonna say that @gman it looks old I just wish some one hot would plow carter but it seems like that’s never going to happen.

  7. dvlaries says

    Speaking of the Maverick Men, I wonder if they can tell us what happened to Roman Rivers? The last I saw of him he was getting backback topped by them and there’s never been anything new on him since.

  8. bucko0710 says

    I’m with Andy on Maverick Men…big whoop…totally boooorrrrrrinnnnngggg as usual! Why do people watch this crap anyways? The scenes are so predictable and there is no versatility nor surprise. I’d rather watch paint dry or straight porn – they’re THAT boring!! Enough already…

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