Carter Jacobs Fucks Trent Diesel and Gets Fucked at Parole Him

Another special treats for fans of masculine porn stud Carter Jacobs this weekend.

You can watch Carter Jacobs tops Trent Diesel at ON THE HUNT. This scene was directed by THE MAVERICK MEN. And for those who want to see him bottom, go to PAROLE HIM.



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  1. dio says

    CJ is a good-looking, beefy guy w/ a berry nice ass. He looks 10x better with his hair grown out like in the MavMen/OTH scenes… but, I seriously can’t @ him topping with such a small dick. Sorry! Esp. topping Trent Diesel, who’s a big old whore and has been topped by some huge dicked doods. LOL

  2. tom says

    I think CJ is the hottest guy out there right now. Its a shame they put him with someone so crap in the parole scene

  3. Almatolmen says

    Sexy in a scruffy way (and I mean that as a compliment). Just going by the pics, I’d say that he looks hotter topping.

  4. ramber says

    Peter – CJs tattoos are not hiddeous. im seein the sexy guy. not some spotless twink. a few years ago i met a guy in a club and went back to his place.. he had plenty of tattoos but was great in bed. another guy i have met over the last 15yrs got some tattoos on his shoulders in the last few years.. flip fucking with him is as good as ever

  5. TJ says

    Carter can dominate a guy with the best of them. I love to grovel at his feet and have him sit on my face… he’d hot!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hugh says

    The guys who think Carter Jacobs is hot stuff have obviously never seen the OnTheHunt scene with Benny G. Go watch it and tell me if it isn’t the worst gay porn you’ve ever seen. I dare you!

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