Chance Caldwell (Jay Huntington) & his son Jerry Bang A Girl

Look what I just found in my email inbox today, some screencaps from straight porn Milf and Honey 2 sent by one of blog readers. Yep! straight porn, if it’s not your thing, just skip this post.

This is kinda weird story, the porn actor in this scene is former gay porn star Chance Caldwell. This versatile beefy guy starred in tons of gay porn flicks back in the 90s. His most memorable performance was in Falcon StudiosThe Abduction Trilogy. He even won an award for Best Sex Scene from The Abduction II The Conflict (he got fucked by Ty Russell and Bo Summers). Chance Caldwell is “gay for pay“, he left gay porn and has appeared in at least 250 straight porn movies. He goes by Jay Huntington now.

The weird thing about this threesome scene is – gay for pay porn star Chance Caldwell / Jay Huntington tag-teamed a girl with his real life son and fellow porn star Jerry! Relax… they didn’t even touch each other but Jerry looks really like his dad.

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  1. Allicide says

    If I’m not mistaken I rember reading that straight porn actor Dillion Day brought his father into the porn world and they also did a threesome scene.

  2. Mike says

    How many straight series are there “Fuck my mom and me” . Plenty. If these two can turn the tables and there’s even truth/reality to it, more power to ’em.

  3. says

    I said it onces and i will say it again If you can’t make enough money fucking bitches doing str8 porn. Get a 9 to 5 job or at least a part time job and stop trying to make money off of gay mens. Which Jay huntington is doing right now on a gay massage website under a difference name since he is or was g4p and is now doing str8 porn. Then gays if they get any brains in their heads should not be helping this fool by putting money in his pocket at all.

  4. JVC says

    I have usually been the first to bitch about the G4P thing. HOWEVER, those two tag-teaming a guy would be so hot!!

  5. toddyy says

    Fucking some skank on a dirty couch next to a dumpster with my dad? Yikes. The guys look hot though

  6. toddyy says

    Wait, are we sure it’s his “real-life son?” When I click on “Jerry” it says that guy is Czech.

  7. ugh says

    This is really fucking weird for straight porn. I can’t think of any straight guy who would want THIS in his fantasy. The father/son duo probably agreed to it because it most likely gets them off watching each other and having the girl act as a barrier is a convenient excuse.

    “Relax… they didn’t even touch each other but Jerry looks really like his dad.”

    Give it time. The father has done plenty of gay pornos and he’s bottomed too so if the price was right, I’m sure they’d agree to it. But like I said it will take a while. First they need to DP a girl, then DP in the same hole, and then they’ll be open to the idea of doing each other. The incest freaks will have a field day once that happens.

  8. C says

    Jay still does tranny and bi porn. He and his son also used to work at Nob Hill Theatre together and were interactive together with the customers.

  9. alex says

    Weird shit.

    Yeah, I downloaded quite a few straight porn seens with Chance screwing some chick. He really likes to show off his asshole — even when he’s having straight sex. Gay for pay? Doubtful. Bisexual is more likely.

    I’ve only ever found one movie where he is a bottom, but I’ll have to look up the one mentioned above.

  10. froggy says

    Is the mom happy her son is following in his dad’s footsteps, assuming she’s still in the picture?

  11. JT says

    You know I don’t care what kind of body a man has. If he’s been doing gay porn, and then swtiches to straight porn, to me that guys is just dead weight that can be thrown. They lose all sense of sexual edge to them when they can’t even be honest about liking cock or not.

  12. eric says

    I’ve been trying to post the link to this video but my comment never appears after I submit. Anyone knows why?

    • says

      @eric Please do not post link to pirated contents. I receive emails from porn companies threaten to fire a lawsuit every time someone does that. I’m so sicked and tired of it. That’s part of the reasons I have to moderate comments now.

  13. Scott says

    I would say the Wiki entry is close to being right (born in 1959). Chance Caldwell was kind of briefly a big deal (the above-mentioned Falcon titles) but kind of slid into low-rent stuff pretty quickly. Where he typically had wood problems. He’s done some bizarre shit (tho this, if that really is his son, and I have my doubts, takes the cake). There were some movies a long time ago where he had like an 18″ cock, which didn’t even look real.
    But I had the same thought as Toddyy: getting fucked on a dirty couch next to a Dumpster in a…what, is that…a yard? let’s just call it a shithole; that woman must be so proud.

  14. chris says

    my biggest problem with this is the shaved pubic hair. do you guy not know that having the hair gone is a major turn off and really just looks like a childs groin. some hair is good people

  15. Luca says

    If it’s true, and I’m sceptical, this is so fucked up, regardless if some of you guys think it’s hot.

  16. Jeremy says

    I hate being dirty here…but I have to admit, this really turns me on. Both of them, esp the father, have very good bodies. I wonder if they ever consider doing a “father and son only” session. Yes, I know I am sick person…

  17. brian says

    The ideia of father and son turns me on too. But I don’t believe these guys are father and son in real life.
    If Chance was born in 1959, he started in porn when he was 30 years old (QMN mentioned 90′): too old for gay porn.

  18. brian says

    Who knows the son doesn’t follow the opposite way of his father: from straight to gay porn? LOL

  19. cmmm says

    If Chance really wants gays money, he should go back to gay porn, and take his “son” there too. I’m sure dad/son incest thing will be quite popular, as people are bored now with twin sex and demand more. lol

  20. John says

    People, people,
    In the porn business its all about making money. These guys & girls will bang there own mother for the right money.
    Then some people are just out right sick.

  21. hal says

    It would be even hotter if the girl wasn’t there!! LOL!!

    But seriously – well not that seriously lol – if that gal was a hot guy – say Brian Hansen from Buckshot/Colt – who was being fucked by Chance and his son Jerry I’m sure that video would be one of the all-time top sellers in gay porn history!

    After all gay or straight porn is a fetish in order for people to live out a fantasy they probably would never do in real life.

  22. W says

    Just watched Chance and son fuck a woman. Sonny boy doesn’t have Daddy’s hot bod but inherited Chance’s great cock and fucking ability. Over the years, I have watched Chance get ass fucked so many times, I truly thought he was gay to be so “receptive”. He was one of the first BIG MEN I’d seen getting plowed and it was a turn on BIG TIME. Have no idea how old Chance is but he looks GREAT![and still throws a decent fuck]

  23. says

    No, they do NOT have a scene together in Sun Burn (it’s two words). Jerry has the last scene with a woman and his father has two scenes with one woman at a time. They’re also in the same film, House Guest, but not together.

  24. JD says

    Gay for pay my ass. Fucker is a straight out in the closet denial homosexual! You don’t take cock in the ass and fuck dudes asses and suck cock and eat CUM if you’re STRAIGHT! ENOUGH WITH THAT BS! I’d like to see him and his son get it on though, now THAT would be hot!

  25. shaft11smooth says

    I dont know the name of the flick, but I have seen the son in a shemale video also. If they aren’t related the ressemblence is amazing.

  26. Andy says

    I can get into all kinds of kink, so the father/son thing is OK by me. Having sex on a filthy couch on a dirt lot, though?

  27. stonerr says

    I read that Chance is from what used to be Czechoslovakia and that he defected in 1984 when he was in LA for the 1984 Summer Olympics.

    I am pretty sure he did gay porn in the mid 1980’s.

  28. Gatso says

    I wonder what goes through their minds. The father did gay porn, then he had a child with a woman, now he’s doing straight porn and told his son he should be using women too, even better together… gay dads are a common thing, but here there’s hedonism involved. I also wonder what the mother has to say about all that.

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