ChaosMen Muscle Jocks Taylor and Antonio Fuck Raw

CHAOSMEN.COM releases another hot video starring Sicilian muscle boy Antonio. This young jock had bottomed for Vance and Parker since I featured him in Gay Porn Newcomers section.

This time they paired this muscular bottom boy with another muscle jock Taylor (aka Fratmen Charlie). Taylor fucks Antonio raw in 3 positions before he cums in Antonio’s ass.

+ Taylor and Antonio Fuck Raw

+ More of Antonio


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  1. warren says

    taylor’s pubic hair is to die for…love every video with him. especially with nash, both have glorious bushes!

  2. Nobara Jones says

    You gotta love the straight boys RESISTING the manscaping tendency…

    AGREED! This one was DAMN hot! Anyone who’s downloaded this and gets off on bottoms being slightly or mostly uncomfortable while getting banged by HUGE equipment (i.e. moving AWAY from it and trying to stop the top from ploughing away) are gonna have a field day!

    A repeat watcher!!!!

  3. Vega$boy says

    Taylor is the hottest thing going and Antonio – whew. But Taylor makes every scene he is in special thanks to his filthy mouth!!! Boy do they need more guys like him in porn.

  4. gaysammy says

    not that I like a totally shaved shrub … but I think he needs to groom that thing down a bit…otherwise he’s on fire!

  5. warren says

    if he shaved his bush he’d be just like every other muscle jock, but it’s what sets him apart.

    it was especially hot seeing him get fucked with this raging boner bouncing around in that lovely pubic hair!

  6. Ben says

    OMG! The hottest guys I’ve ever seen doing bareback! Love it! You never used to see guys this amazing! Thanks QMN!

  7. Luca says

    As I’ve said I think Antonio is one of the hottest bottoms out there but where do you go when you start off getting fucked bareback? Chaosmen has some very hot guys and great sex (yes, it’s UNSAFE) but they need more three ways and maybe it’s time for Antonio to get gang banged. They, like many other sites, actually pay their models very little. But as Erik Rhodes once said, when you actually do the math, you’re working for minimum wage.

  8. Luca says

    @Ben, man you’re right. These two are the hottest guys I have ever seen doing bareback. Maybe barebacking is now recruting the A-list guys. If you stroll through most of thse porn sites, many of these guys have done barebacking.

  9. Noche de Luna says

    Does anyone know if Taylor done some other work besides Chaosmen. Taylor reminds me of my first crush a QB at my old high school. Team Taylor

  10. Luca says

    Alright, I take it all back. I just bought a month at Chaosmen and yes, these guys are hot and the barebacking sex is hot, but damn these guys are so boring. None of the guys I have seen appear to be at all involved in the sex or in each other. Totally lacking in passion. I was better off with that hot little bottom stud Jamie at Sean Cody. Save your money on this site.

  11. Noche de Luna says

    Sorry but Taylor has nothing lacking in his videos: he licks, kisses, sucks cock and has a flithy mouth. @Luca maybe when you watched the video u were on your ragg and didn’t appreciate Taylor’s hot fucking- i dont blame you for being bitter that Taylor ain’t fucking you

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