CockyBoys Exclusive Models Jett Black and Levi Karter Flip Fuck

Check out this hot new video from COCKYBOYS.COM, it’s the flip-flop scene between Jett Black and Levi Karter.

What you’ll see in this scene is not your typical dominant top/submissive bottom dynamic, but a perfect balance of both. Jett and Levi both love to express their control and their submission in equal portions, blending together their versatile qualities so they both get what they want out of the experience.

I met Jett at Phoenix Forum and in New York. He’s very sweet and down to earth. Both Jett and Levi are very active on social networks. You should follow Jett’s Twitter / Tumblr and Levi’s Twitter / Tumblr.

+ Jett Black and Levi Karter Flip-Fuck


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  1. trex says

    Would someone please explain to this “director” that he is doing porn and that, while low or directed lighting and be used successfully in film to create moods, atmosphere, etc. in porn its just BAD LIGHTING. No one cares how artsy your film is if you can’t see the fucking and in several recent clips on Cockyboys the “director” is clearly more concerned with how cool he thinks the lighting looks than with how well the sites paying members will be able to see the action. And for porn that is very uncool.

  2. GreGG says

    At Trex,,, U don’t have to watch just because CockyBoys has recently gone stylish and classy.. There are sites wheres its simply about cocks plowing assholes with no class. Not all of us are into that.

  3. bucko0710 says

    @Trex…totally agree with you. Nothing worse than a director or camera person who ignores the action and focuses on something else. Very frustrating when you lose continuity when the camera pans away somewhere else like the face or scenery and lingers for far longer while the action is ignored and not captured. They should remember that they’re filming for the audiences’ pleasure and not for their artistic whims!

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