Colt Rivers Hidden Past Revealed – Directing Backstreet Boys Music Video – Exclusive Interview Continues

I hope you guys enjoy the first part of exclusive interview with Colt Rivers. Patrick Sands did an awesome job taking us inside the mysterious
porn world of Sean Cody. Here are Part 2 and Part 3 of the interview. It’s time to reveal Colt Rivers’ “surprise hidden past.”

Before working with Sean Cody, Colt Rivers’ (Ryan) was a filmmaker and at one point of his career he used to direct a music video for Backstreet Boys! He was just 19 years old at the time. Have you ever thought that power bottom you jerked off to on Sean Cody used to direct Backstreet Boys’ music video? Let’s find out more about that in Part 2 of the interview. And Part 3 focuses on what’s next for him as a porn star Colt Rivers.



Patrick: Was I the last person alive to find out you directed a Backstreet Boys video? I have so many questions! First, has directing music videos been a longtime dream of yours?

Colt: I have always had a passion for filmmaking and especially music videos. I grew up on MTV and TRL and love everything about pop music. I started directing videos professionally before I could legally drink and quickly realized I had a gift for editing and aesthetics. I moved to Hollywood after winning a major national arts grant, which afforded me the support I needed to get noticed by some very major industry players.

Patrick: Were you a Backstreet Boys fan before you directed them?

Colt: I was always a fan of pop spectacle, and at one time the Backstreet Boys took the cake with that. They were a sensation like the Beatles, so for me to get to direct a big budget video for them was surreal. I think they were all equally mystified by my age. Everyone called me ‘the kid’. AJ and I really hit it off and I got his number. We clicked because he’s the bad boy and has seen a lot and survived it all. He’s real. All of them are incredibly down to earth.

Patrick: When you sing in the shower or while you are driving, which Backstreet Boy’s voice do you typically use?

Colt: I sing as Nick in the shower…while touching myself.

Patrick: The way I’ve heard you describe the story, you were 19 and became the director of a huge Backstreet Boys video with almost impossible ease. You had an idea, you got it to them, everyone loved it, history was made. True?

Colt: I basically made a spec video for $300 titled “uninvited,” which became sort of a cult phenomenon in filmmaking forums because of how good it was, especially considering the cost. I became a celebrity to film geeks everywhere and even sort of a legend to some. I got a lot of calls for work. I decided then to drop everything else and moved to Hollywood. Within a week, I was recognizing my idols on the street! I approached a director I admired a lot and he watched my work. He literally told me I was a genius and invited me over for dinner. He connected me to some major labels and suddenly Jive Records was on the phone asking me if I could basically repeat my spec video for $200,000 and for the Backstreet Boys, and that they were shooting in two weeks. I was elated.

Patrick: It seems collaborative art tends to be best when everyone has the same understanding of the project. True?

Colt: They just let me do my thing it was “yes yes yes, we love it from beginning to end.” The best videos are the ones that artists trust to a director. The less collaboration, the better. Two many cooks in the kitchen kills most art. I am not calling a Backstreet Boys video art by the way.

Patrick: I won’t ask why! Which Backstreet Boy was:
The friendliest: AJ
The quietest: Nick
The hardest worker: Kevin
The dancer who most needed a bit of extra choreography time: They all dance perfectly
The hottest: Brian
The flirtiest: Howie ?

Patrick: When you watch the video now, how do you feel about it? Do you see things little things you wish you could change?

Colt: When I watched the video at first, all I saw were the mistakes as any good director does, but those memories have faded and I like the video now. It’s more cinematic and less cheesy then others in its style. Is anyone even listening to the song? Haha.

Patrick: I know porn far better than music videos, but I found it to be strikingly mature, and also very fun. What is the one word you use to describe what you were aiming for in directing that video?

Colt: My aim for the video in a word was “maturity.” I think the sense of fun comes from their love of performing and what goofballs they are in real life.

Patrick: At 19, with a Backstreet Boys music video, and perhaps one or two Backstreet Boys under your belt, what was the next thing you wanted to conquer?

Colt: I wanted to push music video techniques into the future. I have a million incredible visual ideas, but the money needs to come back and I doubt it will. Napster killed records and that killed promotional budgets. Full budgets now are the size of one paycheck from before it all changed. It’s unbelievable. You can’t make a living anymore. I made more doing last year than many of my director friends doing jobs for hit singles. You can’t create a spectacle with a shoestring and Scotch tape. Fuck that! I have a Michael Bay mind. If there are no production values, why even watch them? Real life is more exciting anyway. I’m also making a feature film about sex and people.

Patrick: That will be very interesting! Working with stars is often described as an anonymous thankless task. The bigger the celebrity, the more credit they seem to get. True for you?

Colt: Not at all actually! In interviews for fans, sure, because that’s what the fans want to hear, but behind the scenes everyone knows who makes the stars stars. I got a lot of credit from the artists themselves behind the scenes.

Patrick: What would you say defines your work as a director? Is there something overall that you want to be known for or is each project totally independent, a blank slate?

Colt: In music videos, my editing. I see patterns in music like math. Also, I’m known for my lighting and eye for beauty. In films, I am going to be a hot knife slicing through the bullshit stick of butter we call mainstream reality. The perspective I have on culture, politics and people in general is very unique and also represents the unspoken views of my entire generation based on what I’ve experienced.

Patrick: Now that sounds intriguing! Don’t tell me what yet, let’s all be surprised!


Patrick: So, the next chapter of your porn life is upon you. First, you have a new name, and not only that, it comes with a last name! How did you get to be Colt Rivers?

Colt: My good friend came up with the name. I said, “look at me, who am I?” He said, “Colt Rivers.” It sounded famous and ridiculous, like a character from “Boogie Nights.” Perfect.

Patrick: Have you enjoyed having a last name or do you miss being in that club of first-namers like Madonna, Adele, Coolio, Elmo?

Colt: Being Ryan III, I felt like a product from a brand. Colt Rivers is a living legend! Haha!

Patrick: Indeed! Even more noticeable: the body! Fucking hell, Mr. Colt Rivers, you have packed on the muscle and it’s hot! I’m really liking this look and it seems the fans agree.

Colt: Well, I lived with Jarek for a minute and he kicked my ass at the gym. Last time I saw him, he said, “holy shit you can stop now!” It’s become a way of life. I get higher at the gym then I can synthetically. It’s like being closer to God and more in touch with nature. It helps my mind too. I feel a sense of purpose.

Patrick: Is there an element of breaking out of an earlier mold and recreating yourself, or do you just really love protein shakes and squats.

Colt: I wanted to transform into a man. I felt like a boy before. It was hardcore work for almost a year to change. No shortcuts, no breaks, no excuses. I’m really proud. I’ve been such a good boy.

Patrick: A good bad boy too! What is your favorite new body part?

Colt: My chest. Everyone loves my chest and biceps.

Patrick: Yup! Which bigger body part gets you the most attention? Your Twitter followers get to see them all!

Colt: I know, that’s easy. It’s my ass.

Patrick: With this fantastic re-sculpted body and a deliberately nostalgic memorable new name, what is your outlook on porn now?

Colt: My outlook on porn? I get hard just thinking about the future. It’s going to be wild.

Patrick: In this new phase of your career, what do want to try on camera that you have not yet done?

Colt: I want to top twinks and I want to explore my fetishes more. I’m a kinky guy. Also, groups. Never done one on camera.

Patrick: I’ll send memos to the studios. Who do you want to film with and why?

Colt: Lance Luciano, I have a huge crush on him. I have already shot with or am confirmed to shoot this month with a few of my other fantasy guys. I can’t say who yet.

Patrick: Let’s make up a little scenario. You’re in a restaurant and three of your biggest fans are there at other tables. You want take a fan home. Who has the better chance winning some special time with Colt Rivers: one who follows you to bathroom and grabs your ass, one who sends a sweet romantic Tweet or one who just brazenly walks over to your table, grabs you by the shirt and locks onto your lips while straddling you?

Colt: The guy who sends me the Tweet. It’s actually happened. I’m a digital boy. We can leave together without anyone even knowing. Hit me up online. Send me nudes. Skip the small talk though.

Patrick: Damn, I was hoping you would say all three together. You are about to get a deluge of fan Tweets! Feelings on the following: dick length, dick thickness, getting blown by someone who really knows how to do it, getting fucked by someone who really knows how to do it.

Colt: Well, dick size is nothing, couldn’t care less how big you are. It’s about your confidence and how you use it. Many guys with huge cocks are lazy in bed. They just lay there. Guys with something to prove excite me. I love a good sucker more than a good fucker. I’m a tongue man. Oral is everything.

Patrick: Are you trying to make me cum? You are so well known as a bottom, I have to ask how you feel about being a top.

Colt: Here’s the funny thing about that. I love to top, but let’s just say I know what my ASSets are and what gets the attention when I enter a room. My booty. I have a great bubble ass and it’s all muscle. My dick is porn average but now that I’m no longer with, I am getting as many offers to top as I am to bottom. It’s actually a lot of work, but I’m willing! Hopefully a studio will offer me a tiny twink to fuck soon. I want someone small to conquer. I like twinks a lot.

Patrick: Now, tell your fans goodnight as only Colt Rivers can do…

Colt: Spread love people!


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  1. Sassy T says

    “I made more doing last year than many of my director friends doing jobs for hit singles.” LOL

  2. Simon says

    He’s actually really talented. Sort of sad I wonder why he decided to do porn instead of something else. Not that I haven’t enjoyed his videos…

  3. Anderson says

    Patrick should have asked him, what he feels in thinking that one of BSB boys, or the staff of that time, can watch him being fucked bareback on internet!

  4. Anderson says

    actually this is a question that I would make to any pornstar. Can you imagine your former friends of school/army/work, neighbors, teachers watching a porn scene with you? how do you feel if you knew that they are watching your porn?

  5. Sam says

    Why would someone who was on such a great career trajectory choose porn? He sounds extremely talented, I wish the interviewer would have delved more into why he chose this career?

  6. kevin says

    @Sassy T, if he makes $1,000 per scene and is in 20 scenes in a year, I guess he’d prob make more than a video director, right?

  7. Ty says

    @simon i dont think its sorta sad. i dont think doing porn is a lesser job than directing videos. and why cant he do both? I do think it’s SORTA hypocritical to criticize his choice and jerk off to his videos, dont you think? and YES his is indeed really talented in BOTH of his ventures.

  8. Patrick Sands says

    Hey guys, Patrick Sands here. Maybe Colt will pop on here to answer a few of your questions. He’s a very open man, very funny and he feels he owes a debt of gratitude to his loyal fans.

  9. Bart says

    yeah he looks sexy as hell with the scruff and extra bulk but ryan was already perfect to me the way he was. Honestly one of the best sc models out there.

  10. Iltman says

    As an ex film maker myself I can relate to Colts comment about the money! As for his look I have to admit Colt looks very sexy with the new body and the scruff. And yes I would love to see him pound a tiny twink, but how about him being pounded at the same time by a big tatted muscle jock?

  11. Jamie says

    It wasn’t mention but was he let go from Sean Cody or did he just want to branch out and do other porn? He much of stop shooting with them a while ago since he bulk up so much

  12. Alias74 says

    This cat is hot….nice to know that he is extremely talented.

    COLT RIVERS….I’ll be in your movies and assist on production! Hit me up!

  13. Alias74 says

    Meanwhile…shame on all y’all for questioning his move from video direction/film production to porn. It’s HIS choice and quite frankly, it is EXTREMELY difficult making a mark and gettting into the Hollywood system or even directing commercials and videos. Colt struck it lucky and got in. But it may have been that after that, there were no tantalizing offers and Colt decided on a direction – it happens to a HUGE majority of aspiring actors, directors and below the line personnel.
    Whatever his decisions…I’m down to see more!

  14. JuanDiego978 says

    It would be great if you had asked him about his work out routine. I want to reproduce his results on me. Any way to get that info?

  15. Simon says

    What the fuck?! This is amazing why isnt he the James Cameron of gay porn? Hello?!?!?!? Colt Rivers could make some EPIC fucking porn. If you are listening Colt you should do some black spark esq stuff and become renowned since you are obviously on another level talent wise. I found your real website. Impressive.

  16. ames says

    to me, he comes off a bit like a pretentious twat. “my vision is like a hot knife cutting through the bullshit of everyday life” or whatever. It’s telling that he referenced himself as Michael Bay, that’s all I’m saying.

  17. sxg says

    Great for him directing the BSB video. Only wish he was around to direct a video when they were still relevant lol.

    He is a hottie can’t wait to see him as Colt Rivers.

  18. scott says

    Gay porn is fine for what it is, but we gays are so obsessed with sex all the time that we don’t realize the stupid mistakes we make in life. Porn is not a career.

    In two years he’ll be too old. When he starts filming with other studios he’ll find out they pay way less than 4000 a scene.

    I found this article sad.

    i used to be a pornstar and now that I’ve gotten older, realize I was floundering around.

    What happens after your done in porn? Escorting?

    This is why some of these guys commit suicide.

  19. cltguy says

    I don’t think it really matters whether he directs or does porn, but I do think it would have been a much more interesting interview to discuss the “why” of it all. I would be really interested in finding out why he chose such an unconventional and often controversial career path? Does he still direct? Lots of good questions could have been asked.

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