Corbin Fisher Has Launched The Official Blog – Corbin’s Campus

CORBIN FISHER has just launched the official blog called “Corbin’s Campus.”

They’ll give you tips on getting bigger, lasting longer and staying hard. What? No, not that! Bigger muscles, lasting longer in school and staying hard at work on your goals!

We’ll be bringing you fun stuff from our campus every day – pictures, videos and who knows … we might even get Zeb to play some violin for us. Make sure to write in and let us know what you want to see on campus.

And don’t forget to follow former model Pete’s Twitter @CF_Pete, he shares so many sexy behind the scenes pictures. My favorite one is the picture above, I added it to my collection of “Gay Porn Photobomb.”


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  1. CJ says

    Pete is much hotter now than when he was a performer. He should definitely get back in front of the camera!

  2. RD says

    wow, I must be getting old.

    the fuzzy snapshot of Cain spoonfeeding Connor feels hotter than CF’s wham-bam 9-man HD bareback gym orgy.

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