Cumpilation Video Clip: Randy Blue Boys Can’t Get Enough Cum

RANDY BLUE team are celebrating their 10th anniversary and they have a special membership offer of $9.99 a month for life. :-) They also made this little “cumpilation” video below just showing what a bunch of cum hungry sluts their boys are. This is some Randy Blue cum eating compilation at its finest. :-)

Oh, and Randy Blue is now using Vine to share some hot behind the scenes clip. Check it out!

Randy Blue boys can’t eat enough cum

Meet Tyler Sloan

Photographing Diego Sans and Joe Clark

Romeo has buffed up!

Jayden Tyler and Christian Sharp shooting in the park

Jayden Tyler and Dean Sky

More Jayden and Dean

Evil Jeff is alone in the office. What kind of shenanigans is he going to get into? (Dildo Soap Opera?)


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  1. MarcoManuel says

    Randy Blue is clearly the gay for pay amateur site that gay men likes the least.

    Gay men are so much more into Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher.

    You know who is not into any of these gay for pay sites.

    What is his name?



    Marco Manuel!

  2. My Other Car's the Tardis says

    @MarcoManuel: I, for one, think RB has stepped up its game over the past year or so. There are several hot RB guys in rotation right now: Jimmy Fanz, Caleb Strong, Jayden Tyler, etc.

    So: Who is it that cares that Marco Manuel isn’t into RB?


    [In other words, no one gives a fuck about your damn opinion, Marco, just like no one cares about mine. We just want to see butt sex!]

  3. Ken Sean Carson says

    Then why are you here Marco? Shouldn’t you be out fighting injustices against the gay porn industry? Is the esteem of some of you so low that you want to find solace anywhere? Seriously, who cares who is gay in gay porn? Nothing..and I mean nothing is honorary about it. Your focus should be gay men in the board rooms, congress, etc, etc not who is gay in gay porn. And let me say one more thing, sure you don’t like gay-for-pay actors but that hasn’t stopped self-hating gay men from subscribing. SO you’re complaining about something that won’t let up. Give it up!

  4. Ken Sean Carson says

    One more thing, at least RB does hire openly gay actors, Robert Craig, Diego Sans, Jayden Taylor and keep them coming back unlike the sites you named that will toss their openly gay models at the slightest appreciate of dick or limp wrists. Yeah, these companies are half to blame, but don’t act like gay men aren’t straight obsessed. So these sites are only catering to their subscribers. And quiet as it is kept, it is gay men bashing openly gay models because they aren’t masculine enough or buff enough.

  5. MarcoManuel says

    Well! You just answered my comment.

    So,you do give a fuck about it.

    If you would really not gave a fuck about it,you would just have ignored it.

    Randy Blue used to have big names like

    Reece Rideout (the star of Randy Blue) who obviously doesnt want to make gay porn anymore.He went too far with trying to prove his straightness.So,he can stay retired.

    Cayden (the hottest man and the best performer at Randy Blue) dissapeared of gay porn without even saying that he retired.

    Jeremy Walker (very boring and bad performer but so hot) he did a few comebacks.When he needed money.Of course.This is what gay porn stars does when they needs money.They makes a small comeback in gay porn.Then leave gay porn.


    Randy Blue basically lost all their big names.Chris Rockway is the only 1 left.Once Chris is retired of gay porn,only fillers will be left at Randy Blue.

    With all the condom porn VS bareback porn.

    Its not surprising that gay men prefers Sean Cody and Cordin Fisher over Randy Blue.

    Lets face it.Randy Blue peaked.

  6. Matias says

    Haven’t seen Diego for a while, funny good looking guy.
    @MarcoManuel, if hot Cayden has stopped making porn and is doing sth else, good for him. Why should he announce anything?

  7. Justme says

    Randy Blue is not a gay for pay site, in fact most RB models are actually gay and not ashamed of it. Just because “oops, I changed my mind, I’m straight… oops I need the gay money again'” trash like Chris Rockway is very prominent in RB it doesn’t mean that it’s a G4P site.

  8. sxg says

    I completely disagree with MarcoManuel I actually find RB to be one of the best condom studios out there, much better than Sure cranks out a scene every day and some of the guys are probably way hotter than the RB models, but the quality of the scenes at RB are top notch. You don’t see a bored performer as often as you do at

    And I would love for Chris Rockway to leave I don’t find him to be all that exciting in his scenes anymore. Even after Chris leaves (which if it was up to Randy himself it won’t ever happen) RB will still have some amazing models. I will say though that the difference between the models at RB and the models at Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher is that RB doesn’t have any 100% exclusive full-time models like before.

    What I mean by that is not that they are working at other studios, but they all have other projects going on in their lives. Austin does escorting and live sex shows, Sean Zevran, Nicco Sky, Lucky Daniels, and a few others do live appearances nationwide and are also fitness trainers or something along those lines. There are also a good number of them who are in school as well.

    On top of that, some of them only plan to continue at RB as cam only, whether that is their own decision, or in the case of Lucky Daniels, it was the company’s decision. From what I am told RB makes most of their money off of the cam shows. And that is no surprise, since Jordan Levine is on almost every day and he is always on private for 1-2hrs.

  9. Nobweld says

    I don’t get why this whole are they, aren’t they gay for pay thing. Frankly I don’t give a shit. I don’t want Oscar winning performances, I just like to get off to blokes I think are hot. Whilst I wank off, I’m not paying close attention to their stunning emotional performance, I’m looking at their cock, ass, legs etc. sometimes with someone or on my own. Some happen to be gay some don’t. I’m not interested in private what they do, or who they go home to. I just don’t care, as the only importance they have is to get me off. I’m more interested in fragrance of toilet cleaner I use.
    On a side note. I’ll shortly be starting a kickstarter project to send marco manuel into space. It’s a one way trip and there will be no interweb connection.

  10. sxg says

    AS far as the guys in the Vine videos go, yes Romeo is hot and I don’t even remember him when he first was on there.

    I don’t know why the hell they let Christian Sharp back in the studio he was not a good performer and was always noticeably distant in all his scenes. Plus he doesn’t seem very gay friendly. Maybe he’s one of Randy’s favorites who bends over backwards for him.

    Jayden I don’t find him physically attractive, but he does make an amazing bottom. Especially in his DP scene at RB.

    Dean Skye is very guy-next-door and average but I think he is attractive and a good performer.

    There are still a good number of hot and great performers for RB, and some sadly only do cam. But I guess it’s for the best those that are only camming because the majority of the really hot ones on cam are straight or “bi”.

  11. Ken sean Carson says

    MarcoManuel, you still haven’t answered my question. You said, you didn’t like gay for pay yet you’re here every time a model is posted bitching about it. I doubt you actually pay for porn so who do you care so much?

  12. Ken sean Carson says

    One more thing, Marco. The reason why gay men prefer SC and CF to RB is because those sites premise is YOUNG boys… Most of their models are no older than 25. And the lot of them are between 18-21. So of course they are going to target a young audience which is probably porn’s biggest demographic. To be honest none of the 3 have passion…people only buy into the looks aspect, which is very true for Corbin Fisher.

  13. MarcoManuel says

    sxg quote (There are still a good number of hot and great performers for RB, and some sadly only do cam. But I guess it’s for the best those that are only camming ((((((because the majority of the really hot ones on cam are straight or “bi”.))))))


    Its for the best? You mean for the worst.

    So,because the men are straight and bi,it makes them hotter to you.

    sxg would have a hard time on Men Of Porn.

    He is obviously into gay for pay men more than gay men.

    Its not surprising that the main place of sxg is here.Where gay for pay men are mostly praised.

    Most of those at Men Of Porn are anti gay for pay men.Those here are mostly pro gay for pay men.

    You must find Raging Stallion and Titan movies boring.Dont you?

    You must prefer Sean Cody,Corbin Fisher,Next Door,Bait Bus,Broke Straight Boys,ect…

  14. sxg says

    MarcoManuel you are a fucking idiot and because of the language barrier this is why you shouldn’t even be on here in the first place because you don’t understand what the fuck I am saying. So let me spell it out that one sentence to you as best as I can.

    Randy Blue has two ways of making their income. One is through a monthly membership for people to download or stream their studio content. And the other is through the profits they make off of those ‘studio’ models as well as other models when they do webcamming. Now there are A LOT of models who webcam that never do any studio studio work, especially duo scenes. A lot of those models are pretty hot, but a lot of those models are either straight or claim to be ‘bisexual’ but they only say that just so the people can like them more.

    The reason why I said it is a good thing that those hot straight/bi guys only do webcam work is because they would not perform as well in studio work. And if they don’t perform well in studio work, their scenes will not be appealing, and subscribed members would be very upset, and they have every right to be.

    You can’t get mad at all the straight/bi guys in the webcamming live shows because you don’t have to pay to get into those chatrooms. They run with credits that are separate from a subscribed membership. Seriously this is the last time I try and explain something to you because your ignorance is exhausting. From now on I’m ignoring any post of yours that is longer than 5 lines.

    Oh and I love Raging Stallion and Titan studios they have been my favorite for a long time. But I do also like sites like Randy Blue and Corbin Fisher. Every studio will have good and bad stuff, even Raging Stallion and Titan. No studio is perfect.

  15. Ken sean Carson says

    bravo, sxg. I think marco is insecure…I don’t think… i know, and sees gay porn as some type of life vessel. I used to be the same way I complained about the straight actors in gay porn until I was blue in the face. Then one day I realized I don’t pay for the porn and it’s no noble peace prize winning industry…so a role model is not to be had from it. When you start to feel like you NEED a porn star as representation for your community that is a probably.

  16. says

    I’m glad Randy Blue performers open their mouths when the cum starts flying! I’m sick of the cheek cum shot, or when the guy clamps his mouth shut!

    Ken Sean Carson and sxg, thank you for your comments on MarcoManuel. You both saved me from writing and wasting my time on someone who should never watch porn! Porn it to enjoy, whether the guy is str8, bi, g4p, gay. MM just doesn’t get it!

  17. JJ says

    I don’t like it when they cum in the mouth. Cum is yuck! Cum on the face,neck,ass and body,ooookayyy!!!!!

    Gay for pay? I find it interesting,but I’m not crazy about it. I prefer gay guys with athletic bodies who are sooo into sex in their scenes. I think the number 1 gay for pay site is Bel Ami. I find it interesting how good they are and how into it in gay sex. It’s like they’ve mastered gay sex. Well,mostly.

    I like watching straight guys get naked,act silly and play gay with each other. I find it erotic,especially amateur from clips.

    I empathize with MarcoManuel. He’s bothered about gays being exploited. So am I,but the objects of my fury are with celebs,politicians,corporations and everyday individuals who exploit us. And I have a lot of nasty wishes for them!

    MarcoManel,I think you post on Men Of Porn too,who are you there?

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