Cybersocket Web Awards 2013 Photos Roundup Part 1

13th Annual Cybersocket Web Awards ceremony is in full swing as I write this post. This year Queer Click won the award for Best Blog, Congratulation!

Here’s the first batch of photos from the Cybersocket Award show held at Factory Nightclub in West Hollywood. These pictures are from those who attends the event @theswordcom @cockyboys @JaydenEllis @KillianAdam @rollingblackout @DJChiChiLaRue @JordanoSantoro

More photos and full list of winners coming soon. For now, check out these pictures of porn stars Mick Lovell, Johnny Rapid, Duncan Black, Benjamin Godfre, Chris Rockway, Austin Wilde, Max Ryder, Jake Bass, Jordano Santoro, Jimmy Durano, Trenton Ducati, Tate Ryder, Derek Parker and Adam Killian.

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  1. Donnie Boy says

    Great pics. Does anyone else find it a little strange that Chi Chi LaRue would DJ an award show that gives Best Movie to a bareback studio? I recall her wearing a doctors outfit and throwing a major tantrum at the JRL Awards because they were giving bareback studios awards. I guess Chi Chi LaRue now fully supports bareback porn and shows her bareback pride by DJing the parties. It’s about time bareback was given respect!

  2. sxg says

    David with the exception of a few I don’t see anything wrong with the way they dress. Did you expect to see red-carpet couture or something?

    And I’m sure that the guys that are dressed up really out there did so in good humor and weren’t meant to be serious.

  3. Tony says

    I really don’t think Benjamin Godfre is staight. I truly beleive, Benjamin Godfre as bottomed and been fucked by another guy on the downlow. He’s attractive, however, he’s not that masculine and his voice is definitely not masculine.

    Adam Killian isn’t that masculine, however, I find him to be gorgeous and I love everything about Adam Killian. LOL

  4. Filip says

    I had really hoped that MICK LOVELL (BelAmi) would get the award for best pornstar, best newcomer or in second case best personality. Is it like the Oscars award that it´s secret who have wont? Or do the pornstars that are nominated know who has won but it´s secret to the audience? I don´t know if Mick counts as a newcomer in 2012 as he did his debut in december 2011. But if I remember right it was only one scene… And, yes I agree that the models could dress much better. They look like they are everyday-dressed , and not going to a party.

  5. sxg says

    Benjamin has started camming for Randy Blue and I’ve gotta say I’m shocked he claims to be straight. He has a feminine voice as well as vocabulary, and he talks with his hands A LOT! It’s funny to see a guy like that claiming to be straight and you have a guy like Kurt Foxx on there that still blows my mind he’s gay lol. The only ‘gay’ thing about Kurt is his choice in music. He plays a lot of rihanna, lady gaga and the like.

  6. says

    These photos are horrible: out of focus, demon eyes, etc. And maybe this isn’t the kind of ceremony you wear a tux to, but lots of these guys look kind of slobby!

  7. jackfeiry says

    STOP! WITH THE GAY4PAYERS! (it’s an idea for a new FB group and blog …)

    P.s. Benjamin Godfre is a poor-man (man?) only …

  8. MarcoManuel says

    sxg! Because a man have a feminine voice means that he is gay?

    When you see a masculine gay men you are surprised because you expected him to be straight?

    Female singers are not only liked by gay men.Straight men likes female singers as well.

    You encourage negative stereotypes.

    This is because of gay men like you that so much gay men hates Chris Crocker.

    Men like you are trying to show that Chris Crocker represent the average gay.

    When in reality he represent the minority.

    Most gay men are masculine.

    Anybody remember the tv show Playing It Straight?

    This show should never been cancelled.

    This show shown gay men the right way.For once.

    It was really needed after the Queer Eye For The Straight Guy mess.

    Gay men are already too stereotyped anyway.No need to had more.

    Feminine straight men exist.

    The singer Prince is only an example.

    Have you ever heard Prince songs?

    Prince is not very masculine and he obviously likes women a lot.

    Dont even try saying that he is gay.

    Prince is straight.He is the ultimate womenizer.

    Listen to Prince songs and you will see how much he likes women.He really does love women a lot.

    Once again you needed a reality check from the famous and infamous 1 and only Marco Manuel.

    Like we say in italian,

    non si sa cosa si sta parlando.

    You must not like gay porn from Raging Stallion and Titan a lot.

    Its not surprising that you praise gay for pay men so much.

    Because gay men are not masculine enough for you.

    Doesnt it?

  9. jj says

    Marco manuel,most gay are at least a little bit feminine.MOST are.Some more so than others.

    Me? I dress like a guy but I have a few feminine interests and I love playing female supermodel.I can do the 90’s female supermodel runway walk!

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