David Dakota Fucks The Pre-Cum Out of Adam Worthmore

new gay porn star Adam Worthmore getting fucked by David Dakota On The Hunt

You can see it in his eyes that gay porn newcomer Adam Worthmore loves getting fucked in the ass. His eyes sparkled while David Dakota was fucking him in this latest video from ONTHEHUNT.COM. The facial expressions on Adam are just incredible. He looks so CUTE! This dude has potential to be a popular gay porn star!

There is even a moment where Adam thinks that he came but he was just pre-cumming so much from the fucking that it was a false alarm. And of course, Jeremy Hall, not one to be just a by stander takes a turn at Adam’s ass while David takes a little breather.

I believe it’s hard to fake pre-Cum. The bottom must be really into it, that’s why it’s so rare in gay porn.


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  1. asswipe says

    Pre-cum is gift. when captured on video it is sexy and delightful. It sets the stage so to speak for a great scene. It really lets you know the models believe in what they are doing. Everyone should like that.

  2. Rex says

    It’s actually hot to see two hot guys that are actually into guys fucking. This video was definitely hot and shows what happens when two guys are really into each other. This scene is really hot because both guys were REALLY into guys. It wasnt the usual gay 4 pay fair.

  3. TK says

    I so agree with Rex! It is really refreshing and way more hotter seeing gay guys who love sex with men having sex with men! I know there is a place for the gay 4 pay guys but they just can’t quite pull it off like true gay bois getting into m2m sex. You can’t beat genuine horniness or the love of a hot cock versus doing it just for the bucks!

  4. Brock says

    Ah, this bottom guy is so handsome, so eager. He’s absolutely beautiful. The top’s not so bad either. Very hot, very sexy. Thanks for posting this. Both these guys’s are far more beautiful than your usual porno actors. It’s like watching a really hot couple’s private fucking. Perfect.

  5. says

    Wow, this was incredibly hot. I love the look on that handsome bottom guy’s face as that cock slides in his ass. Both these guys are so much hotter than most of the tired, white trashy porn actors on here.

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