Dean Phoenix Gets Topped by Hayden Stephens (Jet Set Men)

gay porn star Dean Phoenix getting fucked by Hayden Stephens

Hey guys, just in case you forgot, today is the day Jet Set Men releases the video gay porn star Dean Phoenix gets fucked in the ass for the second time on camera! (The first time was his flip flop scene with Marcus Iron in Buckleroos Part 2).

This time our handsome hunk Dean Phoenix gets topped by Jet Set Exclusive Hayden Stephens (aka Seth Sweet). This hot video is up on Jet Set Men website in JET SET STRAIGHT EDGE section (maybe they should consider changing the name to Gay Edge…)

gay porn star Dean Phoenix and Hayden Stephens

gay porn star Dean Phoenix and Hayden Stephens kissing

gay porn star Dean Phoenix sucking Hayden Stephens cock

gay porn star Dean Phoenix gets fucked by Hayden Stephens Jet Set Straight Edge

gay porn star Dean Phoenix gets fucked by Hayden Stephens Jet Set Straight Edge

gay porn star Dean Phoenix getting fucked by Hayden Stephens

gay porn star Dean Phoenix getting fucked by Hayden Stephens


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  1. Miguelito says

    I adore Dean Phoenix and everything he does, but this room?! Yuuck, no room for porn. Is not nice, is not fetish, is just yuuuck.. unconfortable.

  2. says

    This is what I don’t get about gay porn; Dean Phoenix is a hot, handsome, built, apparently masculine man and yet some porn director decides he should get fucked by Seth Sweet? A usually very passive, not too butch bottom? Why? Don’t get me wrong, I like Seth sweet as a bottom, but as a top? Phoenix should be getting nailed by a man his own equal, not some twink. Or is the idea that it’s supposed to be hot that the big muscle guy bottoms for some effeminate guy.

  3. Casey says

    Tom, you’re 100$ right. It would also have been hot for Dean to have a bottoming scene with, you know, another gay men, not some tradey top.

  4. thraceguy says

    Dean gives hope for everyone getting older, he gets better.

    I saw the thing from TLA that was the background filming of Buckeroos or whatever the film was called, and Dean has a sense of humor that comes along with that long shlong

    How does he do it, seem so normal when there is a crew around him doing the deed? Especially by someone called Mr. Pam….

  5. Rex says

    I just don’t get Jet Set. They have all of the elements of a good movie and studio, but it never seems to come together for me.

    I am the BIGGEST fan of Dean Phoenix and his appearances on film are rare. His bottoming appearances are even more rare. But, this pairing with Seth Sweet is off. Don’t get me wrong, I like Seth Sweet and I love versatile guys, but I agree, Dean needs to paired with someone a bit more masculine. Someone, that can give him a run for his money.

  6. T-Bone says

    Dean Phoenix is the man, and I’m glad to see him bottom, though I don’t know who Seth Sweet is, and in the pix doesn’t look like a great pairing (plus, regrettably, it’s a Jet Set production, which loses points right off the bat). I think this is only his second bottoming on camera, right? His scene in Buckleroos with the ultra-hot Marcus Iron should’ve been scorching, but Jerry Douglas was too intent on being “artistic” rather than making a hot fuck scene, and it kinda fizzled, regrettably. Here’s hoping Dean does more work, with hotter guys, and continues to be versatile.

  7. boytoyxx says

    100% agree with all the comment.s Dean Phoenix is an absolute stud. Seth Sweet’s got a nice big cock, but he’s been fucked by just about everyone. What a wasted opportunity. Can’t believe Dean was up for it to be honest.

  8. says

    Yes, boytoyxx, and Seth Sweet has been fucked by everyone bareack as well! Most men get better as they get older, their faces, their bodies, in bodybuilding the mast’s division, for over 35 guys, is always the best with the hottest, best built men. A 45 year old in great shape is almost always hotter than a 20 year old. Dean deserved to be topped by a better, more masculine top. Sorry, Seth. But there is no way I will believe that you are not sick.

  9. Larry says

    I enjoyed this a great deal. Hayden (Seth, Evan) is a lot more masculine than these guys know. And with that big dick, he gives Dean Phoenix a very good fucking. I, for one, am happy to see versatile bisexual guys like Hayden in the industry. I understand there was real chemistry between Dean and Hayden and Dean really enjoyed doing this did Hayden. Hayden is also probably the best looking guy in gay porn right now. Certainly the sexiest.

  10. Joe says

    I love seeing Dean bottom. As T-Bone said, Dean bottomed in Buckleroos 2. However, it was a bit of a disappointment. I just wish he’d let his chest & abdomen hair grow out.

  11. mlhbbb says

    Only Jet Set could take two hot men, put them in a crappy room and create a bad scene. Thats why they’re considered a b studio.

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