Doug Gets Fucked for the 1st time in Sean Cody’s Hawaii Fuckfest

Sean Cody model Doug getting fucked in Hawii Fuckfest gay sex orgy

I first mentioned this hot Sean Cody hunk Doug last June in my “Fresh Faces Gay Porn Newcumers You Will Wank To” blog post. Since then, this self-proclaimed “bi-curious” model has done tons of sex videos with Sean Cody [my favorite scene is when Doug and Matt DP Pete!] but Doug is was strictly a top.

In the latest video from Sean Cody, Hawaii Fuckfest, Doug gets his ass fucked for the first time in this 5-Man Orgy with Matt, Isaac, Keith and Jake. I think this is a nice way to end their porn shoot in Hawaii (It would be perfect if they let Kurt join this fuckfest, I just can’t get enough of him). And don’t forget to check out some Behind the scenes footage.

Now, the question is “When will Matt get his muscled ass pounded?”







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  1. tom in portland says

    This is beyond lame. Doug finally gives it up and SC puts it in a group scene, has an undistinguished “top” do the honors” ( where was Kurt????) and in the clip itself it looks faked because there is no clear penetration shot. You only know that at least some of it was not faked because of a shot in the behind the scenes clip. But why would SC only include that sort of thing in the behind the scenes footage? Because he is almost as lame a director as RB.

  2. Declan says

    I like the guys from Sean Cody but often their group sex scenes aren’t very interesting. I agree with tom in portland, if some supposedly “total top” is finally going to give it up don’t hide it in a group scene and don’t attempt to fake it by not showing the actual penetration which is what we all want to see. Maybe it’s me and the fact I’m a bodybuilder and aggressive but I’m pretty much a “total bottom” and without fail everty time I met some supposed top guy he wants me to be the top. These tops flip easily it seems.

  3. Nobara Jones says

    Shame shame SC….we know your name! My guess is that Doug intended to bottom but did NOT like it (after all, that shot of him screaming with Jake behind him….that’s NOT in the film is it?).

    Doug has prolly FLOWN the SC coop NEVER to return….

    Indeed, LAME!

  4. Carlos says

    Hello Declan, I understand your feelings but I must add that being a top myself I would probably not know how to approach someone like you and I would assume that you are only interested in other big muscle guys. I promise, if I met you I wouldn’t flip. :)

    The Sean Cody guys are among the hottest around but faked sex scenes like this hurt their product. Declan, maybe you could audition for them so we could all enjoy seeing you get fucked. :)

  5. thraceguy says

    There is twitter, there is facebook, do any of these guys realize that when they do low budget porn it will live forever?

    Oy vey, Maria!!!

  6. Robert says

    @ My friend Declan,

    Well sir you seem to attract the admirers the way the Venus flytrap attracts insects :-)

    I find this development a lot more interesting then the pictures and movie trailers displayed on this site! :-) :-) Enjoy it my friend, in all decency I can’t ask you to share your adventures [if any result from these approaches] that would be too tacky and this forum is NOT the place to do such.

    Remember what Matron “Mamma Morton” concluded: “When they’re good to mamma, mamma will be good to them!” In your case it should say papa instead of mamma, but the sentiment remains the same :-)

    Have fun!

  7. waht! says

    I’m in love with Doug but to be honest I prefer him to be a top….unless he’s really hungry for it otherwise why bother.

  8. Nick says

    It’s a real bummer if his bottoming is fake. SC is usually really reliable with his fuck scenes and they normally contain multiple positions. I guess if you can’t actually see him being penetrated then it is a rip off :-( However, SC still happen to have some of the hottest guys around tho :-)

  9. Declan says

    Hello Robert :),
    I’m afraid I don’t know mamma Morton but I do try and always be nice to guy’s mothers. I must admit I am thoroughly enjoying this site, often the comments are much better than the pictures or trailers, and I always look for your comments, Robert. I normally like Sean Cody more than most studio productions but this poor Doug guy does seem to getting the shaft and not in a fun way. Getting fucked is supposed to hurt-good but he seems particularly aggrieved. I sure hope he doesn’t burst into tears; it’s always bad when the bottom cries during sex. I don’t remember my first time, but I have a sneaking suspicion this isn’t dear old Doug’s first time either, regardless of whether he is gay or straight. Oh, and Carlos or Joe, I don’t actually like bodybuilders, that’s just my obsession. Do I have to choose between you guys or can I have you both? You guys can share can’t you? :)

  10. Robert says

    @ Declan:
    Matron Mamma Morton is a character from the movie/play “Chicago”

    I too enjoy the comments on this site and love it whenever I come across something you’ve written because we agree on so much! I’ve never seen a Sean Cody production, that’s the next thing I need to have a look at. Yes the models look very handsome but I agree that it’s not very likely to be Doug’s first time as a bottom! I’ve seen quite a few “so-called” first time penetrations on camera [remember Erik Rhodes with Jason Adonis?] and believe me it all goes way too smoothly and easily to be credible. I do remember my first time and it was painful and uncomfortable and I couldn’t endure it for too long. Afterwards it was many months before I was willing to try again, and this was with somebody I loved and NOT for the money!

    Declan, you naughty man, you’re going to give Carlos and Joe a heart attack by suggesting a ménage a trios! The thought of being with you has already put them in heat, to suggest a tag team might push them over the top!

  11. frank8mtl says

    Declan I agree with a Muscular BB can be a great bottom WITHOUT SHAME! Us BB like to Bottom IF the TOP is hot and know how to do his work…. Then a Flip-Flop, will probaly appeend. More Power to you Declan!

    A 69, versatile friend

    sexually your’s

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