Former Sean Cody Models DAN and MITCH in Rub And Fuck

Thank you so much SCBoy, he’s one of this blog readers who remembers that I was crazy for Sean Cody model Dan two years ago.

Dan is the SC model with cute boyish face with big muscular body, he only did one sex scene with Sean Cody but it’s a memorable video because Dan was a bottom and he screamed pretty loud while getting fucked.

SCBoy sent me these screencaps from a movie entitled Rub And Fuck by Edward James Productions. Dan appears in 1 scene, too bad it’s just oral scene :-( But Dan looks amazing as I remember him (if not slightly bigger). I think the movie was shot around the same time with Sean Cody.

Another former Sean Cody model and fan-favorite Mitch and Marc Stone (remember this video people talked about?) also star in this movie!

+ Rub And Fuck

+ Edward James Productions Movies

Dan young muscular jock

Muscle Jock Dan getting fucked by Randy Sean Cody

+ Watch Dan Gets Fucked at SEANCODY.COM

Muscular men fucking Mitch and Chris

+ Watch Mitch in XXX Actions at SEANCODY.COM

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  1. Rob says

    Okay, fine but who fucked Marc Dylan today? Several posts without a mention of the bottom’s bottom? I’m in withdrawal. LOL.

  2. Chris says

    If he did this movie the same time he did SC, that’s probably the reason why he was only featured in two vids. SC hates using porn models if they’re not exclusive to them first.

  3. Robbie says

    I always check for Dan out there, his sex scene was good, but I also loved his solo, glad to see that we get another scene with him.

  4. chrissypoo says

    I think this movie was done about 1 and 1/2 years later. The dates of production seem different.

  5. chrissypoo says

    good find v — yep that’s him on the cover. So we now have 4 scenes of dan aka brett lang. appears all these scenes were over a year and half period.

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