Four Naked Fighters Fight & Fuck in front of Screaming Audience

Naked Kombat gay porn star fighter Spencer Reed fucking DJ in front of live audience

On November 13th (Friday the 13th!), NAKEDKOMBAT.COM held its third LIVE “audience match”. This time, it’s a tag team wrestling match with Spencer Reed and DJ taking on Patrick Rouge and Dean Tucker in front of 60 screaming audience members. The event was also streamed live over the internet.

Unfortunately, according to the website, injuries took hold during the match and two fighters had to drop out. There was a two on one in the 3rd Round, then a one on one in the Sex Round which ended with muscular stud Spencer Reed fucking the shit out of DJ in front of audience. Spencer sprayed his load all over the mat and the crowd went wild.













+ Spencer Reed & DJ vs Patrick Rouge & Dean Tucker: The Live Audience Match


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  1. P says

    Uh… what is the meaning of this? Fuck in front of the audience???

    I was in a porn shooting. It was a BIG disappointment for me. The big gay4pay stars need injection to get an erection, and they don’t enjoy the fuck.

    A normal gay guy gets hard-on if see something exciting – see a handsome guy etc. -. But most of the big “gay” porn stars love only pussies…

    And I was in a str8 porn shooting too. While the guy eat the girl’s pussy get erection without any drugs or injection… it was fantastic!

  2. BBop says

    “Spencer sprayed his load all over the mat and the crowd went wild.”, Hmmm…in each of the pictures showing the “audience”, everyone looks bored or apathetic. Where is the picture of them cheering wildly? Is this a paying audience or did they hand out passes with an invite to a live sex show? I particularly like the asian guy in the black t shirt, with the look of, “what are they doing?”. Also, look at the guy with the styrofoam cup with his hand on his chin:) His face says it all, ” Is this it?!” You would think that a live sex show would elicit more reaction from the audience.

  3. Rob says

    @chuck, LMAO. Okay, fella, you win, hands down. But uh, you could’ve at least waited until coffee and dessert you know.

  4. Michael says

    Damn, that is an incredibly disinterested audience. It’s tough when you’re getting fucked in front of a crowd and no seems to give a shit. If and when I get fucked in front of an audience I would like them to be a little demonstrative, maybe a catcall or some whistles. If I am to be publicly denigrated I would like some enthusiasm, dammit! These poor porn actors get no respect. It’s not fair. :)

  5. T says

    OMG this is so hot. Good to see a new concept. Whats up with all the bitchy
    queens on this site lately?
    (I guess that comment just made me a bitchy queen too).

  6. says

    If you’d watch the video clips, the crowd does go wild. The Derrek Diamond match was fu#&ing incredible. I’d wrestle with that dude any day.

  7. Adam says

    Like Matt said, if you actually watch the video, the crowd is yelling, a lot. You queens are just whiny bitches and can’t appreciate something that is actually hot.

  8. JM says

    This is the beginning of the apocalypse.

    Isn’t the Asian guy in the black T-shirt the webmaster of these sites?

    The guy next to him holding the styrofoam cup looks bored to death.

    But I would have either accepted a free ticket or paid to see this.

  9. Robert776 says

    In the video, the audience wasn’t bored. They laughed when DJ went down on Spencer, they applauded when Spencer thrust deeply into DJ’s pussy, and cheered when Spencer shot a big load.
    I would like to be in these videos and fuck DJ. But I’m not sure I could take him down. I don’t want to end up as his bitch, getting fucked on my back in front of all those guys. Can it be rigged?

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