Fratmen Damon Is Now JESSE JOHN on Flirt 4 Free

Did you remember Fratmen Damon? He’s one of the hottest guy on FRATMEN.TV for me. And he used to appear on MTV’s Parental Control.

This is a good news for all his fans, you can now chat with him on FLIRT 4 FREE. Check out his profile, he goes by the name Jesse John now.

+ Jesse John


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  1. Jesse says

    Hey Horny first no I am nor a person looking to be a stupid reality tv D list person. Before you open you mouth you should look at all the professional stuff I have done and dont look at peoples shit if you have problems. I have thousands of fans and really well off, people like you used to piss me off and now just simply are sad.

  2. andrew says

    Jesse John you are one beefy guy. With your arms and shoulders, if you ever take up boxing you would have a great K O punch.

  3. says

    Wough oh wow ! Muscles ! Please show us a whole movie of your lovemuscle in action. Flex it, swing it, make it drool. Get someone to give a mouth to cock recsusitation exercise on it. And that asscrack would serve so well as a dish to serve a whipped cream dessert in. You are one georgeous fuck

  4. says

    Ya know what? A naked wrasslin’ match between you and Clayton Moats would show the world what male beauty is all about. Followed by a little making up after the fight was over of course After it’s all over, you’d both be swimming in cum and exhausted of course. Ahh, boys will be boys.

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