Fratmen Taylor in Steve Grand “All-American Boy” Music Video

I just found this cool story on Men of Porn and Daily Fratmen. Do you remember muscle jock and nude model Fratmen Taylor from FRATMEN.TV? He stars in one of the sexiest gay music video ever!

Pop / country singer Steve Grand has just uploaded his first music video “All-American Boy” and people are loving it! The song is quite good. Please note that the singer, Steve Grand is a ripped muscle jock himself and hot as hell! Fratmen Taylor plays the straight guy Steve falls for.

This music video is definitely gonna go viral, not because it has a nude model in it but because of its great song, beautiful production, touching message… Okay, and having hot guys with six packs in it doesn’t hurt.

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  1. jeremyrain says

    OMG, that’s just amazing. I was wondering about Taylor the other day (after watching that classic “Taylor and Max” video). I definitely feel a “bisexual” vibe from this kid and this video just proved my point better.

  2. Apolloguy says

    Is Steve Grand the same guy as model “Finn Diesel” or “Steve Chatham”? They look VERY similar.

  3. Ken Sean Carson says

    LOL All American boy means a boy born and raised in america, usually the south. like he’s corn fed and stocky.

  4. Johnny says

    all american boy is a term used for men born and raised in america. it means the boy is corn fed and stocky.

  5. DMan says

    Steve Grand is the star of this video for me. He has a great voice and awesome body. Anybody else think Steve looks like underwear/swimsuit model Steve Chatham who had a youtube channel a couple of years back where he did cover songs? There are some great pictures on the net.

  6. Tim says

    Someone should tell that big mo that falling in love with a straight boy, american or otherwise, will fuck you up

  7. says

    loved the song! I’m a country music fan and this is a great one, hope average cm fans feel the same. However, it does bother me that it feeds the belief that all gay men want str8 men.

  8. cody says

    loved the video need more openly out country music attests like him male or female. it touched a special place in my heart and memories.

  9. gandhi says

    another round of bull**** stereotypes. All American Boy. “It means more like wholesome, cleancut, friendly, culturally midwestern.”
    Oh my. And what’s with the Whiskey? Is he even allowed to drink already and does he even have pubic hair?

  10. GreGG says

    Great song. Greater video … and did it strike a chord. Been through that afew times… Felt bad. Got over it. But, hey, at least I got him to bed …. and proved my point. I get what I want.

  11. sxg says

    @diken ugh Lady Gaga. As much as I appreciate what these pop stars for gays do for our community, but the Lady Gagas, Madonnas and Chers of the gay community really divide us socially from the straight community in my opinion.

    I like Steve Grand’s style of music and his lyrics because even though it focuses on a gay topic, it’s something that even heterosexuals can relate to, provided a few minor changes in the lyrics of course, mainly the sex of the crush.

  12. alex says

    Of course I remember Taylor. He’s the only fratmen guy who ever caught my eye. I hated when he was left go!

  13. Roger says

    @manu: Yes, the phrase “all-American” is another way of saying white without coming off as racist for glorifying them good ol’ all-American boys. It’s a dog whistle phrase.

    Before anyone rebuts, go ahead and google the phrase “all american boy” or “all american girl”. You’ll notice the results are somewhat lacking in the melanin department.

    I’ve never heard of anyone Black/Asian/Latino being called all-American. It’s a phrase meant to distinguish the REAL Americans from the FAKE (non-white) Americans. In reality, the only people who could be considered all-American are Native Americans. But hey, let’s just keep pretending it means someone from the midwest who is corn-fed and wholesome.

  14. in other words says

    I think the song and video INDIRECTLY shows what’s wrong with the gay community in general. I certainly don’t see how this video is a positive for gay people and is more of an embarrassment. It also seems like people seem to look at the negatives of the video as a positive as well. For starters, the idea of what an “all-American boy” is. Give me a break. I can’t relate to this at all or the mentality or mindset reflected in this video or song for that matter.

  15. spaniiii says

    @lipter see photos on his personal fb, he has 3 of him kissing a girl, saying “In love with my girl <3 "
    gues at least he is bi. but i he is str8 im sure

  16. litper says

    ok, spaniii, have your “straight” fantasy if that gets you going, the guy pretty much describes his feeling in video

  17. andrew says

    Not only does Steve Grand have a great voice. He is one of the most physically beautiful guys on the planet. The guy is AWESOME!!!

  18. AD says

    There are certainly stereotypes in this video – which is what makes it universally recognizable and relatable for some, not for others. Is it going to offend some people? Yes. Does it perpetuate the idea that guys – gay or straight – will stop at nothing to be with the object of their attraction? Yes. It is what it is. This is just the gay version of it. The hero (Steve) is solely focused on the ‘str8’ guy who is apparently being chummy and flirty. If a guy is ready to take the plunge (nice metaphor in the video) he will go for it without hesitation. The video attempts to address (and I think quite successfully) the unspoken vocabulary of male / male attraction/sexuality and how one can send mixed messages or signals which may be misinterpreted…or not. In this case, it appears the signals were not completely clear. In my experience, a straight dude likes the male bonding, the attention, respect and adulation from other men gay or otherwise. They may even think it’s hot to flirt with another guy. Once that line is crossed, however, (and it is a VERY fine line in some cases) a new world is opened. The ‘str8’ guy in the video might really be straight, confused, playing with fire…and perhaps, just not ready..and may never be. But that is irrelevant. The message of this video IS that the hero/Steve has followed his feelings and taken a risk. In this case it didn’t pay off as he’d hoped..this time with this boy…but at least he now knows. HOW many of us – gay or straight – can say that?? Most don’t go for it. This is a fantasy video in which the risk is taken. Quite brilliant and perfectly timed.

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