Gay-for-Pay Model Malachi Marx Out, Douglas Beckham In

gay porn star Randy Blue model Malachi Marx and newcomer Douglas Beckham

Bad news for his fans, Randy Blue model Malachi Marx announced his retirement *sob quietly in a corner* but you can learn more about Malachi because he is working on his new book, his autobiography called Gay 4 Pay: The Life of a Gay Porn Star and Escort.

He gave his Exit Interview to The Sword and spoke about shoving a chiquita banana up a man’s ass for $2,000 😛 You can also read his another interview on Muzophile.


Book Description: I had a unique, marketable mixture of mysteriousness, intelligence, and raw sexuality that propelled me to the forefront of the gay porn industry. Utilizing my body and personality, I made an art out of performing and struck a chord with an audience that spanned the world. This book is a journey through the joys and struggles that I endured during the past year of my X-Rated life. This book is a chemistry of illustrations, pictures, and confessions that unveil the battle between good and evil within the body of a so-called “sex god.”

You can pre-order this book at


Some good news- Before he retired, Malachi Marx shot his last porn scene with Randy Blue. It’s a threeway and will be released this December on RANDYBLUE.COM [photos from Starrfucker’s Twitpic]

Malachi Marx bottoms for Leo Giamani

Malachi Marx and Jeremy Walker flip flop fuck

Malachi Marx fucks Vincent DeSalvo

Malachi Marx and Christian Sharp Fuck Nicco Sky

Chris Rockway Fucks Malachi Marx and Benjamin Bradley

Malachi Marx and Reese Rideout

Malachi Marx and Xander Scott fuck Dustin Rivers

+ More of Malachi Marx at RANDYBLUE.COM




But there’s always new a face in escort and gay porn scene, right? Introducing newcomer Douglas Beckham. He is a 27-year-old model represented by David Forest. And according to his agent, Douglas Beckham currently resides in South Beach, FL. He’s 6’1”/185 lbs., a true 8” and totally versatile.

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  1. tom in portland says

    Um, sorry, but he was never more than a mediocre performer on a website that has no idea how to actually film its models having sex.
    There was certainly nothing “unique” his appearance or his performances. He was a good looking model that never was never used up to his potential. His ghostwriter though does have a unique talent for exaggeration.

  2. Kurt says

    I don’t think Malachi Marx had great potential. He was amiable (unlike so many G4Pers) but he was clearly not into man-on-man action – his idea of rimming was licking anything but the asshole, for example 😉

  3. Will says

    Remember Malachi, wait at least 2 months but no more than 2 years before making your comeback. Less than 2 months and it will be like you never left. More than 2 years and no one will remember you and you will have to start over (and you will also be past your porn prime). Jet Set appears to be the goto studio for making exclusive porn career restarts.

  4. Cee says

    Publicity stunt much? A tad bit delusional to think he’s a “Porn Star.” Has he done anything besides Randy Blue? I know I’ve seen him, but I really don’t recall any of his scenes. Good luck with the book. Maybe he’ll get lucky.

  5. says

    It’s funny. Is he a pornstar? He made some scenes – and he is a pornstar. Ridiculous.
    And now he is writing a book. Excellent.

    Arpad Miklos, Matthew Rush, Jason Hawke (etc.) – they are pornstars! They made lots of scenes, they are famous, work for many studios. If they write a book, I’ll buy it, because they’ve got stories, experiences.

    Nowadays there are pornstars, but there aren’t BIG pornstars, big IDOLs.
    Every day has a newcomer, there are many websites, hard to make a BIG career. Okay, they make some video for this site, 1 scene for that studio. Is it a carrier? No.

    There are many great, curious str8 guys, they need money, they are handsome, have a great body, big dick – they try this gay4pay things. I talked with many str8 escorts, gay4pay guys about this, they do this for the money. I don’t like the most of these gay4pay actors.

    There are newcomers, they will be the falling stars of tomorrow. Tomorrow they will disappear, and nobody will remember them.

  6. Zberg says

    Malachi was too pretty for porn I think 😉 I prefer him in photos , and he was not a very good performer anyway .Good luck for his new career anyway , whatever it is.

  7. Casey says

    This isn’t big news at all. As noted above, Malachi Marx was both a lousy performer and not even close to being a porn star. Only having worked for a website and some escorting here and there, what kinds of stories could he have that could compare to a performer with more longevity in the industry?

  8. Paul says

    Wow, what an over inflated ego this guy-what’s his name agian?-has. How readily we throw around the term “star” nowadays, and however you choose to use it, this guy was never “it”. He had zero sexuality, an average body and less than average looks. Today as a result of the internet, virtually anyone can do porno so his acheivement is less than stellar. I agree with what someone else wrote, maybe Jet Set or choose a real low budget Hungarian porno for his comeback, but he should wait a couple of weks at the minimum. Oh, and maybe go to ethe gym in the interum.

  9. Tom says

    Malachi, I wish I could say I will miss you but I have no idea whatsoever who you are. I don’t even think when you make your comeback I will remember who you were. I prefer handsome, muscular guys in my porno fantasies.

  10. Bubba says

    check out his so-called book. It’s some piece of crap e-mail book that he’s requesting money for upfront. and probably will keep without sending anything in return! This bitch is in such denial. His 0.5 second of fame is over. Watch him “come back” and be fucked by scumbag Jake Cruise while his alleged girlfriend and his child watch.

  11. Scott says

    Well, someone has taken a dip in a lake called Me. I am not an expert on him by the longest shot, but I think perhaps is body of work is a little slim to merit a book. He wasn’t on the scene very long. Probably just keeping a blog would’ve been better. I don’t have any interest in reading about him (again, barely have seen him) but every porn bio I’ve read—Joey Stephano’s, Scott O’Haras, Al Parker’s, even old-time straight porn guy Jerry Butler—left me wanting to take a shower and get a shot of penicillin. I understand Jon Vincent’s was the worst. But those guys all amassed enough work to warrant reading about them.

  12. Spongey says

    Well everyone’s pretty much expressed my sentiment. He was lovely to look at but he was as animated as a lamp post in his scenes. At least there’s still Christian Sharp.

    And this Douglas Beckham fellow needs to escape the clutches of old man Forest, that’s nothing but trouble.

  13. Nick says

    Isn’t it funny that porn performers these days like to refer to themselves as “porn stars”. I’d hate to think what percentage out there have been selling their arse for less than 18 months but it must be a huge number? They appear on a few web sites, make a couple of movies, sell their arse as a hooker and they think you’re something special. How fucked up and egoistic is that?

  14. Taylor says

    I don’t think it makes any diff to the guys who appear with David Frost or Jake Cruise. They are just after the dollar and they will sell their arse to anyone. Trash doesn’t have standards!

  15. Pariah says

    The book is self published which is funny because even the blurb needs a copy editor. Chemistry? I don’t think that is the word you are looking for there Mr. Marx. I can’t imagine how poorly the rest is written. He never mentions having gone to college which every pornstar that has waves it like a flag and he claims to have earned 32K for a weekend of escorting; as someone who has published two books, if he doesn’t have a publisher and a literary agent – which he doesn’t because it is self published- then he isn’t going to earn that kind of money. Figure roughly two dollars a book. I hope he banked some of that escorting money because he couldn’t have made more that 25 or 30 grand off of the Randy Blue site.

  16. Robert says

    I really don’t like kicking a guy when he’s down and everybody on this site has already expressed everything I more or less have to say about Mr. Malachi Marx. I also have never seen his work nor had I ever heard about him before this notice on QMN. I do agree with Nick that it seems that everybody who gets paid for having sex on film calls himself a “S.T.A.R.” That raises the question: “What is a star these days?”

    As for Malachi being straight … maybe he is I don’t know but fact is that if you believe his interview he’s done things that most openly Gay men have never done, nor would ever do. He has fucked and been fucked; He’s had sex on camera for the world to see; he has sold his body for money to the highest bidder and while escorting he has done things that are too gross to mention [read the banana story, yuck!]

    At a level I understand the gay-4-pay phenomena, a guy is straight but in desperate need of money the only opportunity he sees [this doesn’t mean that there aren’t others, he just doesn’t see them] is to have sex with men for money! Why would such a [straight] guy want the world to be privy to his walk on the flowery side of life? And given the fact that the banana story completely grossed me [a gay man] out, why would a straight man do such a thing and say that he liked it and maintain he’s straight? If he truly is straight then I’m seriously wondering how straight, being “straight” actually is!

    Let’s not belabor the fact whatever the case, it’s for Malachi Marx and his conscience to come to terms with I do suggest he take a reality-pill and work on his over-inflated ego. I’d also like to advise his “girlfriend” to seriously reexamine her choice of partner and father to her kid.

  17. Scott says

    I know I sound like Father Time, but there was a time when, if you watched porn, you pretty much knew all the main players. Now, with the online sites, there are new guys every week; you can’t possibly keep up. Still, I can’t help wonder if all these young guys doing porn, even if the do just one, won’t eventually come to regret it. It’s always going to be out there, and easier to find (and follow) you now. I think they are maybe blinded by making some quick, relatively easy money; possibly there’s a curiosity or turn-on by the prospect of doing something “naughty,” but, for better or worse, even with the abundance and acceptance of porn, there is still a stigma attached. As we have found out, it will get you kicked out of college and it will get you fired from a job.

  18. Decaln says

    Let’s get real, Malachi, almost no one on QMN is an actual “star” and that includes you. That is why I am always careful to write: porn actor or porn performer. What an abuse of the word “star.” And come on gay brothers, can’t we get over fetishizing supposedly gay-for-pay actors? It’s so self-hating as though a straight guy is inevitably hotter or more masculine than a gay man. By its very definiton these guys would, at the very least, be bisexual, not straight. I seriously doubt very many straight guys would allow themsleves to be filmed repeatedly getting fucked, and fucked by huge dicks, sucking cock, knowing that by virtue of the internet it is disseminated all over the world and will exist long aftre they are dead and gone. And the pay is not that substantial; these guys don’t receive Hollywood salaries. Most vidoes pay $500-$1,000 for a scene, and that money is taxed. I think the video producers use this as a marketing device; otherwise these guys are simply in some serious denial. Gay men should by now have more respect for themselves. The hottest, the most handsome, the most masculine, the most intelligent men I know are gay and openly proud of it.

  19. Declan says

    oops, this gay-for-pay bullshit got me so worked up I couldn’t even write my own name. I should really use spell check more often.

  20. Declan says

    Oh, and the chiquita banana story I don’t buy either. The very fact that he specifies that it was a chiquita banana rings false. In this economy someone paid $2,000 for that? Non la bevo as we say in Italian.

  21. anon says

    why would one think that gays are more intelligent than straight ones or vice-versa it’s just plain stupid, delusional and funny :) (i know you wrote that because you wanted to show how proud a gay can and should be, being gay doesn’t mean that you’re stupid, sick, freak, or it’s not something that you should be ashamed of)

    as for me and my experience, one of the most intelligent guy i’ve ever met is my philosophy professor (yeah i go to uni.) and he is openly straight, but i know many gay men (i’m lucky to know them) who are also intelligent.
    Anyway… what i wanted to say is that i don’t think we should say thing like gays are stupid or gays are better than…
    Gays are human beings, so they can err, they can be funny, they can be stupid, they can be creative, they can be masculine, they can be effeminate just like a straight guy can be effeminate and sissy, and funny, masculine etc. We are all humans.

    as for Malachi Marx – lol, he should srsly think over his life and re-define his “porn-lol-star” carrier and his definition of heterosexual (or straight). And everybody before me has expressed almost the same thoughts I have… so there’s no need to repeat them… well said guys :)

  22. anon says

    even if i missed your point i don’t recall being a jerk with you, or i don’t think i wrote something that would make you pissed…

    So with that reaction of yours you should be a really proud, intelligent gay…

  23. Alessio says

    @Declan, bello, gli inglesi sono sempre stupidi e arroganti come “anon.” Ignori lo sciocco. Hai letto dove sono stati votati la gente piu brutta nel mondo. LMAO.

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