Golden Gate Season 2: Jesse Santana and Sage Daniels Fuck

What do you think about power bottom Jesse Santana‘s new look? I think it’s nice he let his chest hair grow out. Jesse Sanata and Sage Daniels take turns fucking each other in the first episode of GOLDEN GATE season 2 from NAKEDSWORD.COM.

In case you missed it, here the trailer of Golden Gate season 2 and the DVD of season 1 is here.

+ Jesse Santana and Sage Daniels Flip Flop Fuck

+ More of Jesse Santana | Sage Daniels



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  1. Nobara Jones says

    Jesse looks awesome! He’s always delivered and totally made good on the promise he showed in his early Corbin Fisher clips…

    Wondering if the commenters here are going to say what’s REALLY on my mind when I see this scene…

  2. EdWoody says

    @ Mike: I had the same worry. I love Jesse, and I worry that he consented to film a scene with someone who’s done what Sage has done, and I hope it doesn’t say anything about what Jesse himself might be prepared to do.

  3. Jeremy says

    Jesse must be the chameleon of gay porn. Every time I noticed him, his look is completely different. First were the “jock days” at CF. Buzz hair cut, nipple’s ring. Then the “LA porn boy” days. Over-waxed eyebrows, fake tan, duck pout. Now, he looks like a very sexual cub. And I really dig this new look.

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