Hot Muscle Model MARCEL aka M-Rod from Paragon Men

To me, Marcel is one of the hottest man on the planet. This guy is just perfect, Marcel has nice muscular body, handsome face and killer smile. Too bad he doesn’t do porn but I’m glad he shot some sexy photos with PARAGONMEN.COM. He’s called M-Rod here.



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  1. parker says

    damn, when i saw the first pic i thought this meant marcel was doing porn…

    hopefully this is the first step in that direction.

  2. brian says

    @robert…You’re right! Angelo Garcia is a great candidate to gay porn. He has the appropriate type. Rick Martin is rich, but I guess Angelo isn’t so much…LOL

  3. Mel says

    Ahh Marcel the cuban muscle god, I wonder if he still working for Vista. He has been with them since he was 16 and could barely speak english. He has done nudity in the past frontal(he is uncut) and ass pics. When he was younger he used to have blonde hair highlights. As he has gotten much bulkier then his teenager days I think he is about 27 or 28 now. He is a very good sports model and has been on the cover of sports magazine. His upper body is amazing great shape to his muscles and his cuts and body lines are damn close to perfection. I have always been kinda dispointed with his legs, they have not been up to par, in these pics they look better. I actually met him one day in Miami at a Quiznos subs. It was several years ago. He was with a friend. I immediatly recognized him. I asked to take a picture with him and he was a good sport and did. Not to be a free promoter for Vista Video, but several other of their models are very hot and Marcel’s older brother Yanay is also a model. In fact in an interview Marcel said he has younger brother that has a better body then he does. We can only hope that he models too.

  4. cinefi says

    well whoever got him into porn, hopefully gay porn surely will make a good fortune…can’t wait….1

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