Hot Solo Video from Sicilian Bodybuilder GIANLUIGI VOLTI

The good news is, Sicilian muscleman Gianluigi Volti does another video and this time it’s a treat for those who like their muscle men smooth.

The bad news is, it’s still just a solo video, this time for MUSCLEHUNKS.COM.

If you prefer him hairy, check out his preview video with MEN AT PLAY.



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  1. alex9gr says

    he looks like a balloon …
    Those fucking steroids…
    i think its so hypocritical when some people say that they dont like bareback or cum swallowing cause its dangerous but at the same time they get so turned on when they see guys like Gianluigi whose body is as unnatural as can be…

    PS ofcourse he has a great cock

  2. TECOJO says


  3. sxg says

    I’ll take him smooth or hairy he’s fucking hot. Normally I would consider him too muscular, but so long as he’s not at the disgusting level of Zeb Atlas then I’m fine with it.

  4. manu says

    Can’t see the point of this dude when we have Alex Marte around !! : I find Alex much hotter physically but most importantly he brings the heat even in his solos AND he loves getting fucked !! :) Gianluigi’s solo for MAP was very boring , he was just posing – being pretty..while Alex was raping me with his eyes hehe :)

  5. Andy says

    Guys, he looks amazing but that’s where it ends. Works as an escort but has zero interest in men. Complete gay for pay.

  6. GMAN says

    Well, he is way hotter an much more masculine than Alex Marte! His cock is perfect indeed and I don’t believe in gays for pay… in the end, they never are…

  7. Jay says

    Gays, in this world of reduced economic resources, it’s time you assert your financial power with these companies. You should let the companies know that you will buy their products IF they are interested in putting men out there who will happily bang an ass or get theirs banged…and not these straight guys who think looking pretty and whacking off is what it takes to satisfy the consumers. Cash is power, so use yours.

  8. alex says

    The body is good, but all of these MAP guys are starting to look the same. And why are only the little guys bottoming there? That site used to have some great versatility from the muscle guys!

  9. sxg says

    Agree Marcos his face is 100% masculine and the size of his dick has not been compromised by all that muscle. Sadly he is more than likely 100% straight.

  10. N. says

    Ok, I have a few things to say to all the previous negative comments:
    1)Gianluigi is not comfortable having sex in front of a camera, is that so terrible? Am I supposed to believe that all of you would just jump at the opportunity to do porn?
    2)He has never used steroids, and never will.
    3)He is one of the most amazing men I have ever met. That’s all…

  11. edward lynch says

    i personally think he is a muscular stud..God!..i love his handsome looks!..i’d love to be his personal valet and lover…but then again,i’m just a sucker for Italian guys..and Italian-American men..i’m an Irish-American boy that loves Italians…

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