I Like Phenix Saint 2.0 – More Buff More Bottom!

I like this new look of Phenix Saint alot! He looks beefier and much sexier than when he worked with COCKYBOYS, NEXT DOOR BUDDIES, CHAOSMEN and RANDY BLUE.

And he puts that bubble butt of his in good use in new videos from SUITE 703, Phenix Saint gets fucked by Nash Lawler at HOT JOCKS NICE COCKS and by Robby Ireland at MEN HARD AT WORK.

+ Phenix Saint Gets Fucked by Nash Lawler


+ Phenix Saint Gets Fucked by Robby Ireland


+ SUITE 703


+ Watch Phenix Saint and Nash Lawler Gangbang Chad Hunt in ENDGAME

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  1. Spongey says

    I agree that he looks better but I thought he was hot before. Let’s hope it’s not the juice, because I’d hate to see him with man boobs.

  2. Res says

    I like the skinner version, too. The good thing is that he doesn’t look as big in videos as he do in stills.

  3. Nobara Jones says

    To quote Ridley Scott: “Chunky is hunky!”

    @James He never used to bottom before…very rarely. So doing it now may mean….$$$ is a thing at this point!

    @Spongey A good pair of man boobs can be hot…just not like the guy topping him in that Hot Jocks Nice Cocks clip…

    Rock on! I love the thicker PS!

  4. Luca says

    I think he looks great more muscular. Nothing hotter than a muscle bottom. It’s really hot whne smaller guys fuck big muscle bottoms. He could loose the dumb earrings though.

  5. manu says

    Never paid attention to him when he was skinny , now I think he’s extremly hot!!! Plus he bottoms <:o) Bring on the man boobs hehe I love them !!

  6. Mel says

    Phenix has improved his look but could us a little more to polish the look, he could also lose some fat and some water to give a tighter look.

  7. Von Schlomo says

    I’m not surprised that this crowd is apeshit for him now that he’s “muscular”. IMO, he looked better before, tho it’s worth noting that his body did fluctuate over the years when he was “skinny”. lol The most important part, be he skinny or muscular, is bodyfat. It’s too high here. Buff, ripped, toned, definition is what matters. And, correct, while Phenix did bottom before he blew up, he’s definitely not a bottom. Tho, Phenix 2.0 might turn out to be.

  8. brian says

    He’s much better now! Glad to see him gets fucked in these videos… New body, new role in the videos… LOL

  9. manu says

    I disagree with Von & Mel , I’m not into guys who are too dry and ripped , I like it when they are a little bubbly like him , I mean look at his ass!!!mmmmhhh

  10. Ben says

    Don’t assume he’s using anything. Ever think maybe he just lifts weights? I used to be very skinny and worked very hard to grow big. It’s completely possible without using any chemicals. I think he looks amazing!

  11. eric says

    So what if he may have used steroids? It’s porn, not the Olympics! He looks much better now IMO and that’s all that matters to me.

  12. ALan says

    His tattoos are also pretty bad. What are those? Brass knuckles? He looks like the notepad next to my telephone now.

  13. Cee says

    I thought I was bad lol You guys analyze everything. I think he’s hot in his own way. I like him better now than b4.

  14. James says

    I don’t tend to like skinny men anyway. He clearly looks better now though. He looked like he was on crystal meth before. Much sexier now. Looks like a real man. I like the fact he is being fucked by an older, regular guy instead of someone “perfect” too, although the moobs are a bit crazy.

  15. James says

    Oh yeah, his bodyfat looks low enough to me. Ripped, muscular men are fine and all but I guy with some meat on him like this guy is really sexy. I would love to date him and for us to be lovers 😀

  16. Craig says

    wow. I just seen Baitbus and all the “straight” guys on there aren’t so straight after all.. I seen guys that I knew weren’t straight such as Phenix Saint, Cody Springs, and Dayton O Conner for example. Some of there straight acting was a bit obvious they were gay. But who knew phenix was just as hot back then as he is now, But I liked the old phenix I seen with him being skinnier and who knew that he had a piercing on his dick back in the day?? That made him a 100x hotter, but I dont mind the beefier and tanned one as well..

  17. MaV says

    He looks great slender or muscular. But, those eyes! Probably the most beautiful eyes I’ve seen on a guy. Also, I prefer him with body hair, especially on his sexy arms! Congrats to Cockyboys for bringing Phenix Saint back.;)

  18. MaV says

    Craig, I don’t care if Phenix is gay, straight, or bisexual. The man always give a great performance in his videos!

  19. MaV says

    Speaking of Next Door, the only reason I watch is to see mega-star James Jamesson. The guy can kiss like their is no tomorrow! Next Door is like a hit and miss, because I can seriously do without looking at the straight sex.

  20. MaV says

    Actually, Phenix Saint is BOTH a top and bottom, very versatile performer. But, I think most viewers prefer to see Phenix bottom, anything to see his sexy butt..hehe! Oh, did I mention his eyes? I’ve never seen such perfect looking eyebrows on a guy. incredibly smoldering.

    Okay, that’s all for now. :)

  21. MaV says

    One more thing! The mole on his face, so incredibly sexy. Why? Because I have the same mole on my face too. I’m beginning to wonder if Phenix and I are related…

    Okay, over and out!

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