Introducing Alexander Gustavo, He’s One Hot Muscle Jock

Jet Set Men has released 3 preview pictures from their upcoming movie American’s Next Hot Bottom (I guess it’s a gay porn parody for Tyra Banks’ popular reality show). I’ve posted the first pic of Connor Kline. The second pic is Brett Summers. But I’m not familiar with this hot stud in the third pic.

His name is Alexander Gustavo. I’m lucky that he shares so many behind the scenes photos on his Twitter @Alexanderprnstr. I think he’s really hot.

Check out Alexander Gustavo’s pictures below. He worked with Johnny Torque, Riley Banks and newcomer Andrew Fitch for Jet Set Men and Next Door Studios.

Do you think he’s a top or a bottom?

Alexander Gustavo with Johnny Torque and Riley Banks on the set of JET SET MEN.

Alexander Gustavo with Andrew Fitch on the set of NEXT DOOR STUDIOS.

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  1. simon says

    That crown tattoo is terrible and badly placed.
    He’s very cute but has no thighs to speak of, let alone calves. It’s out of proportion

  2. Willie says

    He is kinda cute in a non-classical way. As Simon mentioned needs to work on lower body and tattoos look odd.

  3. MarcoManuel says

    I only have 1 photo in my hands.

    Connor! You take good photos.

    But,your personality makes me wonder if you really have what it takes to become American’s Next Hot Bottom.

    Brett! You started strong.But,your photos are becoming weaker and weaker every weeks.

    So,who stays? Who goes home?

    The man i will not call must immediately pack your bags and go home.

    Connor! You are still in the run to become American’s Next Hot Bottom.You can join the oders.

    Brett! What i told you about the booty tooch? You didnt listened to me.

    Keep in mind that you still can be a bottom.You also have to keep practicing in front of the mirror.

    What is this? Pinatas!

    Tacos and buritos!



  4. manu says

    If you’re gonna be a “muscle bottom” you might wanna try to develop the lower half of your body.
    These guys are OK but nothing special when it comes to their ass or thighs…

  5. sxg says

    MarcoManuel for once your post makes sense. So how much did you pay a complete stranger to type it for you?

    and kudos that was actually amusing.

    @Suckitbaby if you have never seen the show America’s Next Top Model, the show that this movie parodies, then you won’t understand it.

  6. andrew says

    MarcoManuel is either a great comedian or a moron, I don’t know which. Either way his posts are hilarious.

  7. Brick House says

    Marcomanuel should be nominated for ‘gay porn blog comment of the year’ that was super hilarious

  8. Christian says

    Total Stud!!! Tattoes are sexy, great upper body, hard to tell lower from these few pics but I can’t wait to see more!!!

  9. Alexander says

    I play a JUDGE (ToP) on America’s Next Top Bottom 😉 my crown tattoo is actually a cover up lol had an exs name there and vice versa.. Needless to say we BOTH have cover ups now..this was my first film so I appreciate all the early attention!! Jet Set Men are great!!

  10. Christopher says

    Speaking of Alexander he is a freaking sexy beast. The tattoo about his dick means all should bow down to him as he and his dick is king. People who are bad mouthing him are one word JEALOUS!!! But also are the ones running out to be the first to buy or illegally down load it. Stop hating.

  11. Raymond says

    Getting to meet Alexander in person I have to say he is one of the sweetest people I’ve met in awhile. Got to meet him in Los Angeles and I must say he is a sweet guy and very very very hot in person as well as in his pictures.

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