Introducing Mike Dozer, Personal Trainer, New Muscle Bottom

I’ve followed this sexy and beefy newcomer Mike Dozer on Twitter for sometimes now. This 32 year-old Italian personal trainer is super hot. He posted tons of nude pictures on his Twitter @MikeDozerXXX.

Today he makes his porn debut on RAW FUCK CLUB website. Mike Dozer gets fucked by Antonio Biaggi’s huge dick! Looks like we have another rising muscle bottom porn star :-)

If bareback porn is not your thing, don’t worry, Mike is in talk with some major condom porn studios!

+ Muscle Bottom Mike Dozer Gets Fucked By Antonio Biaggi Bareback


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  1. sxg says

    He’s hot and I do like barebacking porn, but please Mike get an exclusive contract from a condom-only company! I would like to see more of this guy and it’s for the best he stay away from bareback porn!

  2. Dean says

    Damn he’s hot! I hope he is able to go back and forth between condom and bareback porn like Derek Parker. Looking forward to seeing more of him!

  3. fayt says

    wow, he’s hot! his body kinda reminds me of benny g. and even better: he is really gay and a bottom! i can feel lots of potential at him.

  4. arga says

    @Anderson Trust, if he’s bottoming for Biaggi on RFC of all places he’s definitely not gay for pay, lmao.

  5. Tony says

    Wow, I haven’t seen Antonio Biaggi in a long time. I thought, he had left the porn business? He use to be a hot Boricua.

  6. MarcoManuel says

    Why so much gay porn stars have to starts in gay porn making bareback movies?

    Cant they just starts making condom porn movies?

    Marc Dylan also started in bareback porn.But eventually went in condom porn.

    All gay porn stars should start in condom porn and stay in condom porn.

  7. MarcoManuel says

    If Mike does condom porn,he will most likely make Raging Stallion movies and Colt movies.

    I love italian men.Im not only saying that because im part italian.But,italian men,we have it sweet.

    Mike is hot.But,he kind of have the Rogan Richards look.Which i think is a bit too big.Not very big like straight bodybuilders.But,still a bit big.

    Mike should not get bigger than that.Mike would look better if he was leaner like Colby Keller and Christopher Daniels.He would have the perfect size.The gay look.

    Mike does have the straight men look.

    But,not as over the top like so much straight men.

    Gay muscle men always looks better.

    Because they are smaller and have a more natural look.Like

    (Goran,Damien Crosse,DO,Alex Marte)

    Unlike straight muscle men who are very big and overdo their size and are huge.Like

    (Antoine Vaillant,Mark Alvisi,Brad Rowe,Blair Mone)

    All straight.All bloated.Thank god,most bodybuilders are straight.

    Gay men really does have the hottest men on their side.

    Lets hope Mike Dozer is proud of his gay porn and doesnt regret it and go ask for forgivness at the church for his sins.

    I wonder if Mike is a Kinsey5ver or a Kinsey6xer.

    I dont feel the gold star gay vibe from him.

  8. Matias says

    A real and hot man, but doing bb with B is not good. Why these guys won’t take care of themselves. Well, I know, their decisions.

  9. manu says

    He’s one of those few guys who could pretend to be a COLT man, or what it used to stand for anyway (because now…eh).
    Love a handsome muscle bottom like this, and no tatoos :-D! That’s cute too.

  10. sxg says

    @Diego I think he will say he is gay, but I think he’s more bisexual. When he first started porn he didn’t seem that invested in having sex with the guys he was paired up with. Maybe it was the condoms? He currently says he has a boyfriend. Funnily enough, I think he said he wears condoms when having sex with his boyfriend.

  11. citizen says

    According to his twitter he has another scene on Eric Videos coming up. I would guess it’s also bb?

  12. andrew says

    Biaggi is just the guy to fuck a big muscle bottom like Mike. Biaggi’s big cock is the muscle that rules.

  13. Dean says

    Antonio Biaggi never bottoms, at least on screen anway. I think with the size of his dick, he’s expected to top. As for his sexuality, I’ve always had my doubts he’s totally gay. I’ve had a bi vibe from him since I discovered him.

    I hope when Mike starts in condom porn, he doesn’t become an exclusive, especially for a lame studio like MEN or worse NDS. I want him to jump around from studio to studio, and hopefully make more bareback porn.

  14. paul says

    jut saw the scene and DON’T let that nice smile fool you…WOW..what a pig this guy is….SO HOT…loved being fucked…DAMN!!!!

  15. Anderson says

    Guys, I really don’t care about gay4pay men (excepting by Cody Cummings… thanks for he’s retiring!). More men doing gay sex is fabulous (even str8 or bi men). But, no one can deny: gay man doing gay porn is much more interesting: it’s a way to see our deepest fantasies being held (c’mon, I know porn is still a taboo, but every man, including gays, already thought about that!)

  16. MarcoManuel says

    Mike Dozer have the straight man look.

    I hope he doesnt keep being a bottom.

    Muscle men always look better and are more credible as tops.

    Its just more realistic and believable.

    Men like Mike are supposed to be top.

    Mike and Paddy could make a scene together.

    In that scene,Mike would fuck a leaner man.

    Paddy would fuck a leaner man as well.

  17. Johnnyfalconxxx says

    Mike is a hot sexy gay muscle top he agreed to bottom but only if antonio would be his first more to come from this new film star check his twitter and Facebook pages and his new website is in the launching stages. tweet @mikedozerxxx

  18. ed says

    very hot and sexy. don’t care if he’s gay4pay. barebacking is ok if everyone is safe and get tested weekly. but still they are adults they know the consequences and risk involved.

  19. alex says

    MarcoManuel’s ignorance knows no bounds. I don’t think Mike has to be an exclusive bottom (I love men who are versatile), but there is nothing hot than a muscular, handsome, masculine man who will give up his ass! Bareback though? No! Mike get your ass over to They are need of hot men who will bottom.

  20. matt says

    I dont understand why these guys do bareback porn. Besides being terrible role models for their viewers, theyre putting their own health at risk. Its just awful.

  21. Dean says

    @matt: Just like straight porn stars right and its billions of viewers right? All those boys and girls going around getting knocked up and spreading stds and such. The epidemic of unwanted pregnancies and stds at an astronomical height! Please. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. Porn stars are not role models for its viewers nor does it set an example for sex. It’s fantasy entertainment. If they wanna bareback, that’s their choice.

  22. Dean says

    @Say What? Precisely. We’re not their parents and they’re not kids. They’re grown consenting adults and that’s their choice to bareback.

  23. Say What? says

    @Dean. Precisely. Just as it’s our right and choice to continue pointing out to them and to others that the type of sexual behavior in which they’re engaging often leads to disease transmission.

  24. Mike Dozer says

    @say what? Feel free to strap on a condom, make a few scenes then say something. In the meantime. These scenes are my fantasies, regardless if u agree or not, I choose to share them. Clearly I have an audience. How about you? Good day to you. 😉

  25. Vader says

    LAMO@ Pornstars being ” Role Models” Yea they can be coke, meth heads, escorts and anything else but let them do a scene without a condom and now they are the underbelly of society…you fags are funny

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