Jake Genesis and Sergio Serrano in Heat Stroke [Men At Play]

MEN AT PLAY just posted a teaser trailer to their upcoming video Heat Stroke starring two muscle studs Jake Genesis (Men At Play, Kristen Bjorn) and Sergio Serrano (Kristen Bjorn, Lucas Entertainment, Dominic Ford).

They shot this scene outdoor in Spain. I can’t remember the last time Men At Play shot a scene outdoor and this scene is gonna be hot! Both Jake and Sergio have amazing bodies! The scene will be online this Friday.

Below, you can also see some sexy pictures from Jake Genesis’ photo shoot in Ibiza with British photographer Chris Bevan.


+ More of Sergio Serrano

+ More of Jake Genesis

+ JakeGenesis.com

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  1. JG sucks says

    QMN why do you still promote Jake Genesis? Do you read what happened on the sword?

    Jake wrote “Here’s what has me pissed: blogs and one in particular.” “But I’m not pissed at the consumers who wrote the comments. I’m pissed at the blog who allowed them to be posted.”
    His bff Xavier wrote “Jake calls out a blog in particular on his bull shit blogging skills”

  2. manu says

    He’s really hot(particulairly love the pairing with Mr Serrano :-D) and if you bother reading the comments you may understand why he was pissed, there are really some awful people who comment on this blog , one in particular ( I think it was SuckitBaby) could have sent the commenter to court and he should be glad his ass didn’t get sued . I think Jake is right , people on gay blogs are extremly shallow , and if you wouldn’t say the things you want to say to the person’s face, just don’t say them, if you do that makes you a coward.
    Free speech is not the issue, it’s blatant bullying , people who make up faults and imply extremly nasty things out of the blue, just so that they can look “clever” to the queen next door , and they fail most of the time , it’s actually pathetic.

  3. sxg says

    Gay porn sometimes makes me wish we can go back to the days where it was easier for the porn star to just be seen and not heard. Seriously in the end who gives a shit what people say about Anthony & Austin. If they were truly hurt by our comments, then they shouldn’t be in the adult industry. If it’s not the commenters on QMN, it will be the ones from the Sword, Gay Porn Blog, Gay Daily Hot, etc.

    He’s lucky he’s still hot enough for me to jack off to.

  4. says

    I dont understand the point in commenting on a porn blog anyway, I come for the men and the sex. Period. I dont care about gay4pay, straight, bi, porn couples, drama etc. I come to watch and if im dissappointed in a scene or an actor I MOVE ON. Theres alot better things to do than complain about porn(like jack off to it). I will admit that reading comments does make me laugh sometimes

  5. Almatolmen says

    More great pics of a very hot guy. I agree with manu. The anominity of the Internet results in a lot of ugliness. I think it’s wrong here and when the target is anyone in the public eye,entertainment, political, or whatever. Just because you have the right to say something doesn’t make it right to say it. And being a public figure doesn’t mean you have to take abuse lying down.

  6. David says

    He’s obnoxious. Don’t start censoring Queer Me Now. I hate this holier than thou behavior. Get over yourself tool bag.

  7. Almatolmen says

    If he indeed say that QMN ought to restrict what is posted here, he was wrong. But being frustrated by the ugliness that sometimes appears does not make him holier-than-thou or a tool-bag.

  8. Broko says

    Like I read on another blog why do porn guys think others should fawn over them 100% of the time, get real! Everyone has someone that does not like them.. Why would porn be any different? Let’s be honest you aren’t curing cancer or doing humanitarian work….. Get over yourself

  9. manu says

    I guess you guys do not know what has been posted to make such dismissive remarks , sometimes silence is the best option when you have no idea what you are talking about .
    Being a porn actor does not mean you have to endure defamation and abuse , where does that norm come from ?? Do gays have to be such horrible people??
    Once again the mean people here are far from being funny , they just look dumb, frustrated and shallow .
    When you imagine what they might look like to feel the need to post these things though, that’s when the funny part starts .
    Just be glad you didn’t get sued and move on . There really was material to do it and it went far beyond stating that he looked “ugly”.

  10. SuckItBaby says

    Manu, YOU are the one who has no idea what youre talking about. You come on here always defending your favorite porn models and get all prissy when someone writes something you don’t agree with. Since you mention me here, I will address you: I wrote a comment that echoed what many people had been implying on all the Jake Genesis comment before. The difference was I said what most were getting around by saying “oh, his body looks weird” and othe stuff. And I detect a lot of discrimination against HIV in your fury about what was posted. Get over yourself. Enough of the bs and the hipocrisy and your talk about suing. IF you don’t have a tough skin, don’t be in this business. You sound more like a PR flak trying to stiffle dissent and opinions.

  11. manu says

    SuckitBaby, you don’t sound like someone who has a degree in medicine (or in law) . That’s all I m gonna say for today .
    “Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt”

  12. SuckItBaby says

    Right Manu, like you do, you’re the expert. So now I should keep my mouth shut. Wow, quite a believer in freedom of speech, aren’t we? Dont’ waste my time anymore.

  13. manu says

    lgnorant people like to use this ” freedom of speech” argument to abuse others and talk out of their asses .
    The truth is , you are not a doctor , and even doctors can’t spot HIV on sight , but if you want to revolutionize the world and spare everyone a blood test , please go ahead .
    There are physical symptoms to HIV (from which you can’t derive the person’s status anyway ) , like lipodistrophy , which clearly Jake doesn’t have .
    He is a pale hairy white guy who tends to turn red in the sun , which I guess is unusual for porn .
    There were no grounds at all to discuss his “health” on any of the posts, we can have a debate on stuff involving bareback, it wasn’t the case in any of this so you were just being a bully, which is easy when you are anonymous .I’m pretty sure your body “looks weird ” too btw End of rant .

  14. Sam says

    QMN, isn’t there a way to block the comments of these 2 so we don’t have to be subjected to their petty argument on here? Exchange email address or phone numbers ladies and take your fight somewhere else please.

  15. Almatolmen says

    TECOJO, I agree that Jake has a killer smile. GRRRRRR, WOOF, BOW-WOW, and other sexy animal vocalizations! More guys in porn should smile, especially during sex. Evan Mercy would ordinarily not do much for me, but when he grins I go spinning off into delight.

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