Jake Genesis Has Sex with Adam Killian and David Dirdam

Although Jake Genesis has quit the porn industry, his fans still can watch his new sex scenes from his active time in the industry.

This weekend, 2 porn companies released the new scenes of Jake. You can watch Jake Genesis and Adam Killian flip-fuck in a scene from Lovers in Paradise, the movie by Lucas Entertainment filmed in Costa Rica and the scene Jake Genesis fucks muscle bottom David Dirdam on Men At Play.

+ Jake Genesis and Adam Killian Flip-Fuck



+ Body To Body: Jake Genesis Fucks David Dirdam


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  1. Tony says

    Adam Killian makes an excellent top or bottom. His sexy look reminds me of the actor Chris Hemsworth, Thor.

  2. Herman says

    Not sure why I get a perverse delight in seeing Jake taking dick in these vids after his anti porn declaration, but I do.

  3. balfo says

    Jake is one of the best looking guys [a pity he retires :( ] but he should have work more on his legs: they are not proportional to the rest of his muscular body. Anyway I could spent 48hours in a row at least just kissing him <3

  4. W says

    Can you imagine getting a BJ from Adam and those lips of his? Damn, I’d just shoot in his mouth right away. He always delivers.

  5. MarcoManuel says

    When you look at the Lovers In Paradise pictures.You can see that Jake Genesis was already not into gay porn anymore.You can see his struggles.Its so obvious that he wanted to get the fuck out of gay porn.You only have to look at the first picture.

    He even looked bored in Original Sinners.

    When you see the first gay porn Jake Genesis made,you can see that he was more into it.When you see his last few gay porn,you can see that Jake possibly already had religion in mind.Like (What religious people think about me? Gay porn is a sin.I should never made gay porn.Its a mistake.I regret it.What was i thinking?) This is possibly what Jake had in mind in his last few gay porn.

    Lovers In Paradise was possibly his last gay porn movie.

    Jake is in a threeway relationship with 2 other gay porn stars.Of course,their relationship is not based on love.But,only based on sex.

    Threeway relationships never last.The 3 of them will get bored with it.They must know that it will not last.Its only all about sex.

  6. sxg says

    Sasha are you fucking blind? David Dirdam’s dick is pretty long! I will say though it isn’t a fat dick, but that’s ok that snake can slither inside me all it wants! A damn shame that his scene with Jake wasn’t a flip flop, because David is a pretty good top as well.

    And Jake is hot, but definitely nowhere near the hottest in porn, nor do I think he was born for porn. Bodywise he was very disproportionate. And personally he won’t be a huge loss to the porn industry, there are plenty others out there that can easily take his place, like newly discovered Ray Han! Woof!

  7. Kevin says

    I never really found Jake attractive. Overworked roid body. And now using religion as a crutch…just like some people do with drugs or alcohol when they’re unhappy. Bleh.

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