Jalil Jafar Fucks Christian Herzog Outdoor in Jagged Mountain

This Christmas, KRISTEN BJORN releases the first scene from his upcoming movie called Jagged Mountain and I have a high hope for this one. Kristen Bjorn produced many high quality outdoor fuck flicks such as Amazon Adventure, Paradise Plantation, Parashooter and Caribbean Beat in the past. I hope Jagged Mountain will join the rank of those classic titles.

In this first scene of Jagged Mountain, you can watch two muscular porn models Jalil Jafar and Christian Herzog in climbing gears fucking each other.

And don’t forget to check out hottie Adrian Toledo bottoms for Adai Mazzini in Wild Attraction.

+ Jagged Mountain, scene 1 – Jalil Jafar Fucks Christian Herzog

+ Wild Attraction – Chapter 12 – Adai Mazzini Fucks Adrian Toledo


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  1. Alias74 says

    1st of all Christian Hezzog is a hot gaping bottom! His fisting and bareback clips are always…shall we say….ball drainingly satisfying.
    2nd off all…the top’s manboobs are quite possibly the hottest hairy pair I’ve seen in quite some time…LOVE ‘EM!

  2. B says

    Jalil Jafar’s hairy pecs and butch look enhance this scene. I especially like him suspended in air getting a wet blow job.

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