Johnny Rapid Double Fucked by Rafael Alencar and A Nightstick

Today I want to introduce hot new twink star Johnny Rapid. This bottom boy has already got fucked by bodybuilder Tyler St. James and hairy Tony Paradise. But all of his bottoming skills are put to the test in this new video from MEN.COM.

Rafael Alencar plays an aggressive power top here, he absolutely unleashes his entire skill set on Johnny, aggressively fucking him every which way, capping off the scene with a DP using a guard’s nightstick.

I’m very impressed with this hot and intense sex scene from MEN.COM which add hot new video to its growing catalog every single day.

+ Rafael Alencar Fucks Johnny Rapid



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  1. Anderson says

    Johnny Rapid is really cute. I watched the sample video at the site and they shown how his hole became really loose after that! These insatiable bottoms… :-)

  2. sxg says

    @gleeholic he’s bottomed for Kristen Bjorn films, where he didn’t that cartoon ass of his

    @alex what type of porn have you ben watching? Marc Dylan, Cayden Ross, Jessie Colter and Shay Michaels are a few examples of the power bottoms out there that are NOT twinkish. In fact I’d say we are at a stage where there aren’t very many twinks, at least not in the more mainstream studios. And I love it!

  3. Orestes says

    Two really handsome men…Don´t like this stupid violence…A propper good fuck with passion were been much more interesting…Is a waste of beauty.

  4. AC says

    this scene looks pretty hot.

    not a fan of twinks but i’m a big fan of slutty bottoms with great asses (jessie colter is my latest piggy obsession & still love ari silvio) and this kid has a spectacular, apparently very hungry ass.

    alencar is the morgan fairchild of porn.

  5. says

    Seem like somebody dropped the soap and got punished for it…What a hot scene..Alencar could be my cell mate anytime…with a cock that big, that would be a rape.

  6. dio says

    forget these 2 (though Johnny Rapid is quite cuuute…) who’s the dreamy prison guard, and has he done any scenes before? :-O

  7. james says

    this is not sexy. This must have been a traumatic experience for the young guy. the older guy is ugly and aggressive. very BAD

  8. Mark says

    I can’t stop watching this scene! It is so hot!! Johnny Rapid is my new favorite. Is he an exclusive to I haven’t seen him anywhere else?

  9. Neil N. says

    How do you get an ass like Rafael’s. Are those implants maybe? Whatever… his ass needs to be fucked harder than he goes after this toy. That said, I’ve had enough of the pseudo-violent kick in porn. How about 2 guys getting it on in the showers just cause they want to and don’t give a fuck about being caught. That would be way hotter than this.

  10. J. Fred Muggs says

    I don’t care for Rafael Alencar at all, but the other dude is as cute as a bugs ear!!!

    Hope to see more of him paired with a better top man.

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