Landon Conrad Bottoms For Angel Rock in Cheaters

Angel Rock Fucks Landon Conrad NakedSword

In this fourth episode of NAKEDSWORD‘s porn series CHEATERS has two popular gay porn stars Landon Conrad and Angel Rock.

Landon Conrad gets fucked by Angel Rock in this scene. It would be a lot better if it’s a flip-fuck scene. What should we do to get Angel Rock to bottom on camera?

Angel Rock Landon Conrad NakedSword 1

Angel Rock Landon Conrad NakedSword 2

Angel Rock Landon Conrad NakedSword 3

Angel Rock Landon Conrad NakedSword 4

Angel Rock Landon Conrad NakedSword 5

Angel Rock Landon Conrad NakedSword 6

Angel Rock Landon Conrad NakedSword 7

Angel Rock Landon Conrad NakedSword 8

+ Cheaters Episode 4: Payback’s A Bitch – Angel Rock Fucks Landon Conrad


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  1. dvlaries says

    It’s terrific.
    As we’ve seen in countless instances, filmed sex in a closed vehicle in the evening is never going to look lit like mid-day next to the swimming pool. And if you’re going to do it under those necessarily cramped circumstances, the two guys had better be determined, agile and at physical peak. Luckily, that describes both Rock and Conrad, and there is enough lighting to be no detriment. At one point, during the doggie style, Rock manages to stay penetrated without a single limb anchored to the vehicle floor.
    Landon stole my heart on first sight years ago; Angel took a little longer to warm to, but in scene after since lately, he’s proven a performer with all the requisite gusto, and hardly wanting in the looks either. This is a juicy entry.

  2. sam says

    I just can’t get enough with landon Conrad… He was a super pornstar that has came to this industry… I hope he don’t think to retired yet as because for me he has become a legend as long with Stryker and other… Really love him and hoping he read my compliment about him as I totally adore him…
    What kind of position that Mr.Pam try to invent… It look kinda ridiculous for me…

  3. dvlaries says

    In addition to his fine looks and great body, the other key (which is no secret) to Landon’s popularity is his generosity in performance. After just past four years in the business, and on any given day, if you’re in the mood for Landon topping or Landon bottoming, there’s a plethora of choice out there now to content you.
    Unlike others too, he didn’t make a big waiting tease out of how long till we’d see him do both.
    I too hope it’s a long time yet before he chooses to retire, but when Landon does it will be with the gratitude of a vast swath of fans.

  4. bucko0710 says

    Love Landon and agree with most that what appeals most is his versatility and the effort he puts into his performances. Angel needs to get fucked again especially with that big round bubble butt. He was a very good bottom at College Dudes and I hope directors would take notice and have him repeat that again and again, otherwise it get’s borrrinnngggg!

  5. Clarklane says

    The only way I can handle Landon Conrad is in still shots…that way I can still imagine he’s a man since it’s silent.

  6. Louis says

    @Clarklane, Landon might not be so masculine but he has a great face and body and at least he seems to genuinely enjoy his work

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