ClothedTopNakedBottom: Landon Conrad Fucks Dan Broughton

CFNM (Clothed Female, Naked Male) is a niche fetish fantasy in straight porn for quite sometime now. What do you think about CTNB? That’s Clothed Top, Naked Bottom. :-)

UK porn company MENATPLAY has explored this kind of gay porn for awhile and the site is going strong. I think many viewers love to watch naked bottom gets fucked by fully-clothed top.

As I reported earlier, American porn star Landon Conrad was in London and he shot his scene with Mr Gay UK 2007 Dan Broughton and Landon Conrad stays fully clothed the whole time he pounds Dan Broughton in various sex positions until he fucks the cum out of Dan.

It’s nice to see Dan Broughton shooting porn with new company after English Lads and UK Hot Jocks. He also just shot a scene with comeback porn star Paul Wagner.

+ ON SITE: Lancon Conrad Fucks Dan Broughton


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  1. sam says

    Although for me he’s lost his skill as a top, I think he get his mojo back if he give an opportunity to be a top I think he can be good as his first time in the gay porn industry… I like he be a versatile that can take and fuck hard…

  2. dvlaries says

    Were this Landon Conrad’s debut, I’d be hopping up and down angry now that we never actually get to see the man naked, a too-common complaint with Men At Play’s otherwise exemplary product. In this instance, Landon’s coat and tie stay on till the 15th of 19 minutes, and his pants never come off at all.
    However, in Landon’s case, there is abundant and great material already available where he wears nothing but the skin he was born with. So all’s well. :)
    As for his ability to charge this -or any scene- with erotic power, Landon Conrad has few equals and zero betters.

  3. WildPNW says

    Dan Broughton is SO hot, I just wish he would bulk up a bit to be even hotter. Landon’s body is out of this world, just perfect.

  4. sxg says

    People who don’t truly appreciate this scene clearly haven’t been MAP fans for a long time. This looks hot. MAP is a suit fetish site, so sometimes the guys will strip down to almost everything and sometimes they won’t, such as in this scene, as well as several others in the past like the scene with Jessy Ares and Scott Hunter and the scene with Lukas DiFubbiano and Ted Colunga. Fine if it’s not to your liking, but true longtime MAP fans will definitely enjoy this!

  5. Clark says

    Does Landon still sound like a girl in England? No amount of stubble or dick. Could ever make That ‘guy’ convincable as a top.

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