Lebanese Hunk Abraham Al Malek Fucks Damien Crosse

We don’t have to wait long for this scene. I published some preview photos from “El Jardin de Abraham” (Abraham’s Garden) a couple of days ago.

Director Francesco D’Macho brought back hunky Lebanese porn stud Abraham Al Malek for his first hardcore fucking scene. This guy is so lucky because his scene partner is famous porn star Damien Crosse. You can watch this scene at STAG HOMME STUDIOS.


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  1. Hmmm says

    Damian is smoldering hot but even from a mile away that hole looks way busted…like a plum thats been stepped on relentlessly (or should I say a cherry perhaps)

  2. MarcoManuel says

    Damien Crosse is overused.He been in all gay porn studios.

    His over the top moaning are very distracting.We all know that porn is fake.But,its not a reason to make it more obvious.

  3. manu says

    Damien is perfect and so is his hole, can’t see the point of that comment honestly…
    I like the new guy, I hope he is versatile. Wish there were more arabs/middle eastern guys in porn.

  4. manu says

    The point of saying a porn actor is overused…? Don’t watch him.
    Marcomanuel you are here complaining ALL THE TIME . If the model is not gay for pay or kinsey 1 or 2, or too muscular to be gay, or too masculine to bottom, you still find a way to attack him, what the hell is wrong with you?
    Have you tried antidepressants?

  5. Nobweld says

    Damien Crosse is my number 1 favorite porn stars (when he’s a top). I do think he should calm the excessive moaning down, but frankly when some one is that hot I can put up with it!!!

  6. bachus27 says

    if Marcomanuel don’t complain who will gonna do it? but what i can’t explain si : why are they always having an angry face..come on smile :)) u can be hairy, muscular and smile this will not make u ………….

  7. Matias says

    I find Arab guys and guys from the Middle East very hot and so is Abraham Al Malek, delicious. Damien is also always so hot.
    @MarcoManuel, for me Damien is not overused.
    And I would like to see Al Malek much more.

  8. dissi says

    I agree with Matias and Kevin. Middle Eastern men are so alluring. I have a hard time watching the news sometimes. The situation is horrible but I can’t help but notice how hot the guys are. 😛

  9. says

    I agree that Damien’s moaning is a bit over the top, but I still think he’s one of the best bottoms in the biz. And he never fails to get me off! He’s my go to fantasy when nothing else inspires me.

  10. Luke says

    I really don’t get why so many people use this area to make pointless and mean comments about pornstars. Seriously, what’s the point in that???

  11. sxg says

    Not sure where exactly you can tell how worn out Damien’s hole is in these pics. There’s only 1 pic where you can get a clear look at it, but it’s still not a good photo. Regardless, I love that he bottoms! And love that he’s bottoming bor abraham! I do agree with most of you that Damien’s repetitive monotone moaning is a bit annoying, but I’ve learned to phase that out after hearing it so much.

    One thing I have to say about Damien is that I’d like to see him do some squats or something. His ass isn’t as bubbly as it used to be, it looks like he’s kind of losing it a bit. But I’d rather let it stay the way it is before he does anything stupid and drastic like implants or injections. He still has that hairy juicy hole of his that I will gladly bury my tongue inside, on top of the rest of that amazing body 😀

  12. Tom says

    How cruel and bitchy to say that a bottom’s hole is overused. It’s the easiest insult to through at a bottom. The whole point of being a power bottom is that you get fucked a lot by many different guys. That’s hot. We never hear that said about tops. His hole is used as it should be; not over-used. Guys on here said the same thing about Marc Dylan, Vince Ferelli, Erik Rhodes, and every other bottom. A porno is only as good as the bottom and Damien Crosse is a very hot bottom. Time for a gang bang. Raw.

  13. manu says

    Tom I was agreeing with your post until the last word…Shady.
    You shouldn’t expect people to expose themselves to HIV for your viewing pleasure, Staghomme is one of the last standing studios that uses condoms and should be applauded for it instead of trying to compromise people’s health and ethics to please bug chasing crowds.

  14. WildPNW says

    Damien is SCORCHING HOT period! Personally I’d like to see him sticking more to flip flopping, he’s great as both a top and bottom. I never tire of him.

  15. mitch says

    as a gardener this ‘malik’ guy is a complete disaster, he has no clue!!!!!!!
    Damien is till hot but he overacts and kissing is not his thing nor is it staghomme’s, I HATE porn when men don’t kiss, the real kiss i mean. Malik looks hot in that sexy sleazy jeans but he is no goran

  16. Joe says

    MarcoManuel you are free to complain and write your critics about gay porn, however, what do we care if a porn actor’s hole is overused or not. As long as they fuck, it should be fine with us. Maybe the performance and attitude should be analized. Kevin, I agree with you arabs guys are really hot, QMN please post more about Abraham Al Malek

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