Marco Rubi Gets Fucked By Jay Roberts in Shaft Lane 2

First thing first, in case you haven’t already seen it, check out Marco Rubi‘s answering questions from Queer Me Now readers here. You will learn more about this hot porn stud and I’m pretty sure you will like him as a person even more :-)

MEN.COM is about to release its first scene working with Marco today, in this scene called “Shaft Lane 2,” Marco Rubi gets fucked by porn veteran Jay Roberts. It’s always nice to watch Marco’s perfect bubble butt getting pounded!

Don’t forget to check out these recent scenes – Marcus Ruhl bottoms for Jimmy Johnson in “Physical Therapy” and Jason Goodman gets fucked by Sebastian Young in “The Str8 Whisperer.”

+ Shaft Lane 2: Jay Roberts Fucks Marco Rubi

+ The Str8 Whisperer: Sebastian Young Fucks Jason Goodman

+ Physical Therapy: Jimmy Johnson Fucks Marcus Ruhl



+ Marco Rubi Answers Questions from Queer Me Now Readers

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  1. dvlaries says

    I’ve read all the bad news there is to read about Sebastian Young, and I still can’t resist anything new of his. Good thing I don’t know him. Marcus Ruhl always looks luscious too. Charlie Harding’s bottoming is this Friday too, right? Not a bad week.

  2. Sean says

    Perfection Indeed!

    Love that Marco has shaved again, his body is just stunning, do not cove it with hair.

    Love that he gets paired with older, less attractive men (imo) which means all the focus is on him :)

    Best scene of the month at MEN.

  3. Sean says

    @dvlaries I agree about Sebastian.

    Despite all his personal problems he is still one of the most popular gay pornstar and rightly so because just look at him!

    A sexy man is a sexy man :)

  4. sxg says

    What is Jay Roberts’ nationality? I thought he was British, but he has a very European accent, and his English isn’t perfect. The man is still quite handsome after all these years.

    And hot and sexy Marco Rubi! I love him with a bit of facial hair, but I’ll take him like this anyways :)

  5. says

    Jimmy johnson suck a dick like you MEAN IT already or get OUT of gay porn PLEASE!!!. either your gettin payed to fulfill our fantasy or your waist our time wishing!!!

  6. Dave says

    That is a great observation about Rubi. He doesn’t get paired with less attractive pornstars who are past their prime. I have a feeling Matt Rush, or Casey Williams should be next!!

  7. ManEater says

    As I’ve said before, Marco simply takes my heat to super HOT. What a magnificent specimen of the male body. I’d eat that ass for hours and drain as many cock loads as he could push out.

  8. Jordi Lim de Clark says

    -I’m not interested on Marco Rubi he’s not that handsome although he has a dark hair like Brandon but has more girly face.
    -Hindi ako interesado kay Marco Rubi kahit na pareho sila ni Brandon na may itim na buhok. Mukha s’yang malambot kumilos.

  9. Martin says

    Yuck…short, stubby dick looks like Lucy Ricardo’s last abortion sautéed with moldy pussy lips pickled in blood & semen.

  10. sxg says

    Well we all know now that Martin is a size queen!

    There’s nothing physically wrong with his dick, although it could be a bit longer. But I don’t mind, I love how he embraces being a power bottom rather than him think he’s some sort of power top when he’s not that adequate for the job. Wish some pornstars would realize that.

  11. andrew says

    That photo of Marco Rubi on all fours with arched back and jeans pulled down below his butt is one of the hottest pictures ever. His ass is spectacular!!!

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