Spy Boy Marco Rubi Gets Fucked By Rogan Richards

In case you haven’t already known, rising gay porn star Marco Rubi just created his Twitter account. Yes, this sexy stud is now on Twitter and he’s sharing tons of hot pictures. You can follow him at @MarcoRubiXXX.

Another good news, I just published exclusive Marco Rubi’s photos from the set of MEN AT PLAY last week and we don’t have to wait long because they just released the new video called “Spy Boy” featuring our sexy porn star Marco Rubi get pounded by Rogan Richards.

+ Spy Boy: Rogan Richards Fucks Marco Rubi


+ Marco Rubi – The Exclusive Sneak Peek from This Hot Porn Star

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  1. Alias74 says


    PS When i first read the headline it called to mind the Max Lincoln directed, Dreamboy production of “SpyBoy”. I’m not a twink fan so to speak but that movie…featuring Chris Cooke is HOT as fuck!

  2. scott says

    wow just terrible. high productions. hot bodies and no passion. rubi does mnot look like hes enjoying it all and why would you, rogan fucks like he fucking himself. believe it or not this scene is terribly boring

  3. sxg says

    @BillyBlue you’ll probably think differently after telling you that he’s had at least 2 bareback scenes and they were both with KristenBjorn. So he probably doesn’t “love his life” all that much according to you.

    I have nothing against bareback, but I’m fine with MAP never going the bareback route. I absolutely love the suit fetish and they continue to make great-quality scenes with them unlike other studios that come out with such mediocre suit scenes.

  4. MarcoManuel says

    Marco Rubi kind of look like a more buffed Dean Monroe.

    Marco have a body silimar to DO.He have the Ken doll look.The fitness model look.But,he is not too big.

    Marco have to keep that size.It would be a mistake from him to try to get big like Zeb Atlas.

    When it comes to muscle men,men should not be bigger than Marco Rubi.If the men are bigger,they have no neck and they looks like gorillas.So,they end up looking like straight men.

    The fashion male model look = the gay look

    The fitness model look = the bi look

    The bodybuilder look = the straight look

    Marco Rubi have a great first name.

  5. litper says

    @kevin, how can you compare this Muscle God to that femmy queen Dean???? What a blasphemy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. vince says

    rubi is cute and certainly an asset but give me Ricky roman any day over him, wouldn’t mind a flip flop between these two though

  7. abby says

    well it kinda sad, all this time i thought rogan was gay. the fact he’s not (he said he’s bi) and ive a good news for rogan fans. he said he will perform in straight porn next year.

  8. sxg says

    @Abby Rogan may be bisexual, but he also is a bisexual that has actual relationships with other men that go beyond the physical. He used to post a lot of pics with him and a boyfriend in Australia, but he stopped awhile ago.

    I don’t mind that he’s not 100% gay, because he is a really good performer. I’m curious to see how his straight scenes look, so will be interested in that.

  9. abby says

    he is a gay porn star then when camera off he maybe messes around with girls for me its disaponting and ruins everything he has done in gay porn. i know he have had bf (tommy) and said proud to be gay men but being honest to all his fans that he still loves women and still be able to get turned on by em it will be better and ill appreciate that. i hope his move and decision to perform in straight porn can be success for his kick starter.

  10. abby says

    fyi: his xtube profile says bisexual,interested in lesbian couple etc, http: //www.xtube.com/community/profile.php?user=RoganRichards his rent boy says his bisexual: profile http: //www.rentboy.com/ListingPopup.aspx?lid=274860&preview=1

  11. me says

    Rogan has never not had a dick in his mouth in the years I have seen him around in australia. Bi would be just marketing. He is gay, gay gay…

  12. Chuck says

    Marco is hot, Rogan is hot, ending was a letdown tho. Damn every fucking studio seems to be doing bareback with creampies and/or cum swallowing and Marcos has done it in the past and it should have been done here.

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