MARCUR RUHL Gets Fucked By Gordon Baley On A Public Bus

It’s the 5th episode of MEN IN BUDEPEST, the porn series from MEN.COM. And in this public sex scene, exclusive porn star Marcus Ruhl gets fucked by Gordon Baley in a bus in front of other passengers.

And don’t forget to watch the scene released yesterday, bodybuilder Zeb Atlas fucks JD Phoenix in “Muscle For Ass.”

+ Men In Budapest 5: Gordon Baley Fucks Marcus Ruhl

+ Muscle For Ass: Zeb Atlas Fucks JD Phoenix



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  1. says

    Marcus took one hot ass ride with Gordon, seem like the guys watching would have come out of there clothes in this hot scene. By the way, Zeb is always finding these small guys to fuck abound with, make me think of the Incredible Hulk going manic on some little dudes ass… Like it.

  2. SBny says

    Marcus is my current man crush. Anything and everything that man does is #1 for me. I just wish he wasn’t a exclusive but if the scenes keep coming I wont complain too much.

  3. Damian says

    Bwahaha. I love how they filmed Marcus entering a public bus, and then the actual fucking happens in a totally different bus. Amazing.

  4. DD says

    I’m over Marcus Ruhl. His scenes are so lacking in passion that it’s become a chore to watch them. Too bad because the ass is a star waiting to happen.

  5. DD says

    Also, if you look in the background during the wedding scene in Sex and the City 2, you can see Marcus (pretty clearly) behind Miranda and Steve in that scene where they’re talking to Anthony.

  6. JuanDiego978 says

    QMN, I would like to know if you are considering the posibility of having an interview with Marcus Ruhl. I hope we can talk with him soon through this blog.

  7. sxg says

    haha DD really? If you can find a clip of that on youtube please post that. I’ve never seen Sex & The City so I wouldn’t know what to look for.

    And I love seeing Marcus getting plowed! Although I’ve gotta say this scene is just wasted dick. Why have all these guys just standing there watching or freaking out when they could join in and gangbang that huges thick muscly stud!

  8. sxg says

    @JuanDiego I think an interview would be great, but if it is done please make it a video interview! Just kind of like a Q&A thing that Jasun Marks and Cavin Knight have done on youtube. Although I do enjoy reading their responses, I think that a video is way better so we can hear his voice and so we can stare at him and listen in awe :)

    Oh but if he’s a bigass pothead and it comes out sounding like Jimmy Clay’s interview from So You Think You Can Fuck 2, then trash it lol.

  9. DD says

    I couldn’t find a clip but it’s towards the beginning of the film when all of the 4 female leads are together with their signif others right before the actual wedding. He’s in the background with a woman and a friend, I think. Pretty obvious too now that he’s “famous”. Just something I noticed the other day when I was feeling nostalgic for the show.

    He’s got a great ass. Just wish he would work that hot ass harder. And show some passion while getting fucked or fucking.

  10. Xander says

    Whoa. As much as I love porn, it was very insensitive of Drill My Hole to release a video like this when the whole world is upside down, specially in India for that bus rape… I know it has nothing to do but every newspaper in the world reports about it, how can you be pleasured by a gangbang in a bus specially in these days… anyways Marcus is hot.

  11. Pete says

    DAYUM! who is that hot good looking guy in the background wearing the navy cardigan??
    fuck marcus ruhl, i wanna see that guy nude instead.

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