Marcus Ruhl Bottoms For Paddy O’Brian in The Woods Part 2

This scene from Raging Stallion’s movie The Woods Part 2 brings together two of the most popular porn stars at the moment, Paddy O’Brian power-fucks hunky Latino Marcus Ruhl!

In case you haven’t already watched it, here’s some behind the scenes video from the set of The Woods.

+ Paddy O’Brian Fucks Marcus Ruhl in The Woods Part 2

+ Watch THE WOODs, Part 2 XXX Movie Trailer


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  1. Tony says

    MarcoManuel, do you ever have anything nice to say about people? You seem to be a very negative person with a bad karma.

  2. manu says

    Marcus looks good with a beard , it makes him look that “Reverend Newlin” look he has when shaved.
    His ass looks amazing as always! I have yet to see a scene with him though. I don’t know how he performs.

  3. manu says

    When/How did you start Crossfit? I notice your body got even better in the last 6 months, did you change something in your regimen ? Train harder/more often?

  4. Dentaku says

    I completely don’t get these two… Paddy O’Brian can be hot, but he seems always to perform in order to show his beauty rather than focusing on a arousing performance. Marcus Ruhl isn’t that great beauty, he has a fat ass, but that’s all. Ah, and he can’t perform, so detached he is.

  5. FrenchFlair says

    Marcus is as straight as the Pope is young. Really? The guy is taking deeply one or two dicks in his hole and he dares to pretend being straight? LOL

    And Paddy too. There is a scene in which he takes a huge dildoo! You cannot be straight doing that. So, they can lie to themselves but not to other people.

  6. manu says

    Plesse Frencflair and Marcomanuel drop that TIRED ASS, BORING argument about people’s sexual orientation.
    Marcus Ruhl never said he is straight , it’s MarcoManuel’s fantasy while he’s playing with his Kinsey Scale dildo . he finds out how much he can get it depending oin the amount of poop he has , and then comes up with a number ” He’s a Kinsey 1 , 2, etc…” I’ve seen that happen so many times in this comment section, I now understand how he functions!

  7. C says

    @FrenchFlair so putting something in your ass, even when you’re getting paid for it automatically makes you gay? Interesting logic.

  8. Joe says

    In my book a guy who has a dick up his hole or mouth is gay PERIOD…No str8 man would, even for $$$…Who cares their sex orientation.. Good looks, incredible bods , good sex, that all that counts…

  9. FrenchFlair says

    C : if you do it a long time, it means you like it (no one is forcing to do THIS job) and so you are at least bi. I am bi and exclusively top, so yes, I know what it is and believe me, they can lie to themselves or to naive people like you but not to everyone.

  10. Daniele says

    Paddy can fuck me anytime. He knows he’s sexy and he shows it. Usually I don’t like that attitude, but I like it in him. He’s very masculine and know how to fuck the right way.

  11. Ed says

    Some of the negative and unwarranted criticism of Paddy O’ Brian makes me wonder why do those who do not want to read about him open an attachment with his name clearly written on it? Are they curious or plain jealous of his perfection?
    As for this complaint of G4P in my experience they are often the horniest men and masculine and know what a man really needs from another man; at least they are preferable to camp and bitchy queens! Paddy O’ Bian has a huge thick cock which I would love deep inside of me. Then you mustn’t forget his handsome good looks and remarkable body in great shape and his lovely head of hair with a level amount above the forehead without ANY receding; and his sexy and cheeky cockney voice. He looks innocent but has that bad lad appeal which adds to his lustre: if hiring his services meant going overdrawn unauthorised at the bank; it would be a sound investment. I wish he would pound me and put me out of my misery.

  12. mn says

    @Ed: I think it is called, killing the fantasy.

    It is based the frustration, that certain performers are heavily promoted over other performers, and only on the basis of their “heterosexuality.”

    They treat it as if we the audience absolutely need to know any of the personal details of the guys in order to have a fantasy of them. Who cares if they are married and date women in real life…maybe they are bisexual, maybe they are gay in denial–but this isn’t important as porn isn’t real life, this is gay porn, where two men are intensely attracted to each other and have passionate gay sex.

    We really don’t need to know everything about them, and we certainly don’t need to raise them to the level of “celebrity” as some gay men do. They are not someone to admire or adore. Maybe respect, at most.

    The only concern the models should have is that they are hot, and they deliver in scenes. Otherwise, what is the point of having “straight” men perform gay sex if they do it badly on film?–Is the problem their heterosexuality to begin with?

    Flaccid dicks are not a turn on. So in some aspects you have to maintain some level of attraction to work with certain partners. Or the editors and production team have to do some serious movie magic to make the shoots look good. We see this in quality, a lot of productions cannot make a good product because of bad talent. They cannot shoot people who are unwilling and physically incapable of doing the basic task of having sex with another man. Unless, as Rocco Reed has, bottomed a considerable bunch. You require a hardon for you to be able to penetrate. Otherwise you are a cold fish, a passive participant that is taking the paycheck home rather than a hot fan or another guy. It breaks the fantasy.

    Aside from the fact that the idea of someone turning on a switch to become gay or straight is sheer fantasy, the idea that anyone can work in porn is just as much of the fantasy. People cannot be picked off the street to do this job. They have to have not only the right looks, but the right attitude, and be very sexual with no inhibitions. NO INHIBITIONS!

    Part of the enjoyment comes in watching this, and so when you see some bewildered straight guy, doing this for a pay check, and not really interested in the sex or the guys they are with, then in reality, they shouldn’t be doing the job. Neither should any gay guy who can’t accomplish this task as well.

    I think some men should stop and at least think about that before making defense of the straight models who aren’t really doing anything in the shot buy act as sexual as a pet rock.

  13. mn says

    Another thing that annoys me, is the fact that the models are pigeonholed in either a top or bottom role. This is not really exciting to watch. Sometimes it is more passionate when to guys take to the sheets and take out their different aggressions both topping and bottoming.

    Why are so people limited in this view? Why is gay sex being modeled after straight sex?

    The majority of gay men have tried bottoming and topping, and are interested in the variety of options that you can have in bed with another guy.

  14. Ed says

    @ mn: “porn isn’t real life?” Oh fuck me, you don’t say, so much to learn and so little time! @ Dan, remember you mustn’t “pigeonhole” it will annoy mn and we cannot have that, otherwise his typing hand will get cramp.

  15. andrew says

    Paddy O’Brian is one beautiful muscular smokin hot Gael. I don’t care who he sleeps with in his private life. I just hope he keeps making gay porn.

  16. Marcus ruhl says

    Guys i never said i was straight i feel sad for those guys who troll around Bashing us im not gay4pay no matter how many times you try to pass that notion off only makes me stronger i love my work i live those i work with and no one gonna take my love for my work and life away

  17. brock says

    I agree with joe if you are having sex with another man u r GAY!!!!. It is not possible to be GAY FOR PAY. money can not make u gay an being film can not make you gay!!!!! It is all a front.Straight men have sex with females not males!!!!!!!!

  18. Fiachra says

    God! Paddy you lucky fecking Irishman! I’d love to pump Marcus’ arse. He has such a delicious arse. I’d do anything just to kiss that ass. Mmm. As for those eejit who are bulling about gay4pay, if you don’t like them, don’t watch. Simple as that. And just because a guy sleeps with another guy, for his job, it doesn’t make him gay. I wonder if you’d say the reverse about a gay guy who sleeps with women for pay??! Idiots!

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