Mario Rossi (aka Sandor Vesanyi) in “Triple Penetration” Videos

Triple Penetration sexual position

As you guys know, Double Penatration or DP is a much more common sex act in straight porn than gay porn. Although gay porn studios are shooting more DP scenes for us to watch lately, thanks to them. But it looks like straight porn studios are raising the bar with “Triple Penetration” sex scenes.

I stumbled upon these triple penetration videos on Str8 Fun blog and Top Ten Triple Penetration Sex Videos list on Fleshbot. And wonder if there a brave soul out there willing to pull this off for gay audience? Is “Triple Penetration” possible in gay porn?

Triple Penetration seems kinda “gay” to me because it looks like the guy in the “middle” is fucking the guy “on top” LOL.

Solution? They use actor with some gay porn experiences! In both triple penetration videos below, the “middle” guy was performed by Mario Rossi. He is a straight porn actor who starred in more than hundred porn flicks. But he began his porn career as Sandor Vesanyi, a gay porn star in Kristen Bjorn‘s classic porn movies like AMAZON ADVENTURE, THE ANCHOR HOTEL and MANWATCHER. I think I read it somewhere that he was a best friend of another popular porn star Alexei Gromoff.


Watch Mario Rossi (aka Sandor Vesanyi) in “Triple Penetration” Videos (Pussy Alert!)

Now watch Mario Rossi aka Sandor Vesanyi gay porn past








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  1. PrettyYoungThing says

    Love it, tried this once at the bathhouse and i really felt what it was to be a gay man. hopefully this will be more of a trend.

  2. Declan says

    @Robert, none of this interests me beyound saying hello to you. I actually welcome some worthless, bitter Brit who comes crawing out of the woodwork to threaten to gang rape me. These assholes seem to think that since you agreed not to respond, so did I. I just find QMN boring without your insight. Let’s see how the losers respond. (Without your influence, I am not nearly so reserved and polite, forgive me. ) :)

  3. ugh says

    Umm…what would be the point of 3P in gay porn? DP scenes can be pretty crowded as they are and I can’t imagine a gay 3P scene because the gay porn stars are usually more buff and have bigger dicks than their straight counterparts. It’s hard enough to pull off a a good DP scene in gay porn as it is. Usually the guy fucking on the bottom lays there erect while the guy fucking on the top does the work. And lets not forget about the anal damage. It will stretch the guys asshole really wide, probably worse than most fisting tools. I don’t think it’s worth it for a guy to ruin his ass for a scene that will be so-so at best. Gay porn needs more passion, not more crappy niche fetishes.

  4. Xavier says

    Wouldn’t three stretch that poor hole out a bit? I have known several “professional” bottoms and they were really loose from all the wear and tear; and a vagina is much looser than a guy’s asshole.

  5. Robert says

    @ Declan,

    I know that you are right but I’m not willing to keep exposing myself to the levels of ignorance resulting in rudeness on this site. Sometimes a man can’t help but face up to the fact that he has wondered into a society [in this case a virtual one] where he doesn’t belong and isn’t wanted. No harm done! I’d feel worse if people like this “Suckitbaby” individual would consider me a likeminded person.

    Be that as it may I’d really like to stay in contact with you, I’ve followed Douglas’s advice and opened another temporary e-mail address through which you can reach me. Thank you Douglas :-)

    @ Douglas, Patrick and a few others I’ve met on this website:
    Thank you for all the wonderful and often funny, insightful views regarding the different postings. You are the kind of intelligent and gracious men I thought I’d meet when I “joined” the discussions on QMN. I’d be pleased if you’d choose to maintain contact with me.

    I can be reached on:

  6. Joachim says

    LOL. Context, JamesBond, context. It was a “worthless, bitter Brit” that for no provacation called Declan “a guinea” and offered to gang rape and breed him. Perhaps you should chastize your fellow countryman. Let’s not be sensitive if we aren’t fully informed on the context in which something was said. In addition that statement in and of itself is not xenophobic, Mr. Bond.

  7. Scott says

    Agree that a gay DP is hard enough to pull off, though it seems to be done much more frequently now. Altho I’ve done it as a top (I’m ambivalent about it) it’s pretty boring to watch, as the camera typically stays in that one position, right up against the ass being fucked ’cause they’re afraid it’s not going to last long. So you don’t get any long shots or the faces, etc. And, yes, an asshole can get too loose to be enjoyable for fucking. I played with a guy who’d use these ginormous dildos on himself, then want to be fucked. It was like fucking a 5-gallon bucket.

  8. JamesBond says

    Oh Mr. Joachim, Mr. Joachim, I believe Mr. Declan would be able to respond himself, if he felt inclined to do so, now wouldn’t he? Please, save your lecture for somebody else. You don’t know me or where I am from, and your sanctimonious attitude leaves a lot to be desired. Now run along…

  9. SuckitBaby says

    well well well, haha, guess Declan and Robert couldnt even stay true to their words and leave the site. I can picture them sitting at home, reading the posts and dying to put in their 2 cents. But noooo, they decided to curse all their critics and leave us. Good riddance bitches! but of course, they have no balls and they had to come crawling back in their vomit-inducing society of self admiration, the muscle midget and the troll. hahahah. so sad. come here to discuss porn u parasites or leave us alone!

  10. Von Schlomo says

    QMN: “And wonder if there a brave soul out there willing to pull this off for gay audience?” LOL I thought these were for a gay audience! I’d say there are a few open minded straight guys out there who like watching triple penetration done on a chic, but most do not.

    I think straight porn has bigger dicks seeing as how in many, many cases the guy doesn’t have to be handsome or have a nice body…he need only have a big dick. It’s easier to find bigger dicks when your only really after a big dick. Too, there’s many, many more men willing to do straight porn. It just stands to reason that you’d have bigger dicks with a much, much larger pool of guys to choose from.

  11. Fuckmypussy says

    I am a power bottom. 21, muscleboy who can’t get enough cock. I am PROUD of it. I love watching straight porn for the big dicks and cuz i would like 2 get fuckd like those women on screen. that’s all. bye.

  12. ugh says

    “I think straight porn has bigger dicks seeing as how in many, many cases the guy doesn’t have to be handsome or have a nice body…he need only have a big dick. It’s easier to find bigger dicks when your only really after a big dick. Too, there’s many, many more men willing to do straight porn. It just stands to reason that you’d have bigger dicks with a much, much larger pool of guys to choose from.”

    I used to think that too but then I realized my perception was skewed because in straight porn the girls are tiny and they usually have small hands. You get the opposite in gay porn. Even twinkish guys like Jay Roberts are really tall and have big hands which makes Marco Blaze’s dick seem average when we all know that it’s really, really big and thick. It’s true that there are a variety of sizes in gay porn because not everyone is a top, but more often than not, the tops are big. So, being “big” in straight porn may have a different threshold than being “big” in gay porn.

  13. Val says

    I think 3p is too much , its messy . I feel that porn should be nice and clean I just wanna see some fucking and kissing . reallly .

  14. Zolton says

    How old is this clip? I know Sandor and hasn’t been in this shape in years, sadly. As for Alexei Gromoff? He too has been gone from porno for years; he’s the perfect example of what happens to so many guys that do gay porno. Old before his time, heavy, still broke and trying to hustle, and bemoaning how he was exploited by porn directors who ruined his life.

  15. says

    whatch some vintage Krinsten Bjorn and you will see some wonderfull DP between 3 hot Uncut brazilian men, try to beet that, some scene are au naturel, no condom, and cum drinking is de facto. Bye for now Guys

  16. Cal says

    @Zolton, Alexei Gromoff was starting to look old and used in his later videos and that was several years ago. I wondered what happened to him. Great bottom; a very handsome man in his prime. I’m sure it’s a hard way to make a living. About ten years ago I lived in Budapest and he worked at a male brothel and my boss hired him practically every week so I met Alexei many times. He spoke of having to serve as many as five or six men a day at this brothel and that some guy (pimp?) collected half of his earnings. That would take a toll on anyone’s looks and health.

  17. says

    Yikes, that looks painful, kinda bad that it also looks appealing, although I don’t think I’ll be tying it. One at a time is quite enough. maybe two at a push lol

  18. nikko says

    It’s so sad to hear of how some of these performers end up. As for Dp, 3dp, forget it. All nonsense.

  19. says

    The best cum shots are the “hands off” cum shots, where you see a nice big cock shooting its tasty load without any help from hands/mouths, whatever. Those are my favourite kind of cums. Just a cock, spewing its thick load. Its hot because it’s so intense.

  20. Priapos says

    Yeah, it takes some athletic effort and a bit of practice, but it’s great pleasure to fuck an ass together with 2 other fuckers.

  21. Theo says

    Have you tried quadruple penetration? That’s even more exciting. You need 2 tops lying on the floor and one power bottom riding their cocks, then the 3rd and 4th penisses are stuffed in behind or in front of the bottom.

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