Martin Mazza, Frank Valencia & Alejandro Mango at Locura Gay

Spanish porn star Martin Mazza sent me these sexy behind the scenes photos from his latest porn shoots with Locura Gay. In the picture above, Martin was on the set with hot newcomer named Frank Valencia. Frank is very new to gay porn, actually he just came out of the closet one year ago and he’s a truck driver. Isn’t that perfect for porn scenario? Thank you so much Martin for the shout out! I love this kind of picture when porn stars take pictures with the name of my Queer Me Now blog like that. It’s so cool!

In another set of photos, Martin Mazza shot a scene with bisexual porn star Alejandro Mango. You might remember him from Stag Homme Studios where Alejandro topped Francesco D’Macho.

Martin Mazza and newcomer Frank Valencia.

Martin Mazza and Alejandro Mango

+ Alejandro Mango Fucks Francesco D’Macho in SCORCHED

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  1. Nat says

    Wow, this Frank Valencia, if you just dream enough, looks like he can be a long lost half brother (who’s mom was impregnated by Austin’s father while on a trip)… so yeah, those two (Austin and Frank) should TOTALLY do a scene together!

  2. bucko0710 says

    Wow! Frank looks hot – let’s get him in more videos to showcase his talents. Good thing about Staghomme is that they do show a lot of facials!

  3. andrew says

    I prefer to see the porn actors wear condoms. That way I can enjoy the action without thinking about whether or not these awesome guys are risking their health to make a few bucks and entertain us viewers.

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