Matan Shalev, Avi Dar & Jonathan Agassi in Israeli Auditions

Israeli gay porn star Matan Shalev fucks muscular Avi Dar

This time in ISRAELI AUDITIONS from Lucas Entertainment, we get a chance to learn more about these smoking hot Israeli hunks; Matan Shalev, Avi Dar and Jonathan Agassi. Check out their video interviews below.

Michael Lucas interviews these MEN of ISRAEL stars about gay life in Israel, their fantasies and more before let them take off their clothes and fucks them. Which I think that is every porn star interviewers’ fantasies!

Michael Lucas interviews MEN of ISRAEL stars Avi Dar and Matan Shalev before they take off all their clothes for their audition scene!

Michael Lucas interviews gay adult newcomer Matan Shalev, and the two talk about the blockbuster production and gay life in Israel!

Michael Lucas interviews adult newcomer Jonathan Agassi about gay life in Israel and his top fantasies!


Avi Dar get fucked by Matan Shalev







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  1. manu says

    it s very cool ,Lucas is one of the best tops in the business , he really drives his bottom to the edge and that s what a good top should do .He may not be your type physically (he’s not mine either anymore since he froze his face with botox) but we’ve got to give him props for that!!


  2. Blahhhh says

    This is off topic, but i get this vibe from Michael Lucas. A vibe that tells me that he’s abusive, domestically that is, when he doesn’t get his way.

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