Released ROCCO REED Fucks Tommy Defendi Trailer

Hey guys! I have another special treat for you today. MEN.COM just released a teaser trailer to the upcoming Rocco Reed Fucks Tommy Defendi scene. It will be the first time you see straight porn star Rocco Reed fucking a guy. This scene is much talk about on both gay and straight porn blogs. And today you can see some footage of that scene!

The trailer was done like a news update with a guest star Trevor Knight. And you don’t have to wait long, this scene Rocco Reed Fucks Tommy Defendi is being released on MEN.COM on August 1st – one week from today – along with a very revealing interview with Rocco Reed!

+ Rocco Reed Fucks Tommy Defendi



+ Shocking News: Popular Straight Porn Star ROCCO REED Filmed His First Gay Sex Scene Fucking Tommy Defendi with MEN.COM

+ Porn Star ROCCO REED Sucks Cock & Gets Fucked! (By Strap-On)

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  1. Troy says

    Based on the brief interview with Rocco in the clip above, it sounds like he is on the way to coming out as gay.

  2. bachus27 says

    in gay community we have hundreds of married, straight guys who discovered they are gay.. so the story of this straight porn actor doing gay porn is just a normal unextraordinary story.. chris rockway doingstraight porn, rocco reed doing gay porn.. bof..

  3. phil says

    I love Rocco, and love watching him in his straight movies. Now, it’s a rare treat to see him cross over to our side (at least for a while). :-)

  4. Nunya says

    I hope Rocco keeps the tan and “straight” look. I’m turned off by over-manicured, hairless, insanely tattooed guys that all the sites seam to feature these days.

    I’ll take that fun, floppy hair and shit-eating grin any day of the week!

  5. Chris says

    Sexy and a genuinely nice guy. And yes, I reckon he’s actually gay. He just suppressed it for so long or thought that he would become straight or something. Now, he’s just accepted himself and seems quite happy. Cant wait to see this scene :)

  6. says

    I’ve always liked Rocco Reed. I think he’s attractive and I love his smile. I also like that he’s not the usual buffed, way too tattooed, muscluar performer. I always had a feeling that maybe…because he doesn’t perform lilke the typical male performer–he is gentle with the ladies, almost romantic. I’m looking forward to seeing him in videos. And for those who have previously complained or critized his look or actions: DON’T WATCH.

  7. Hugh says

    I know this is supposed to be a big deal, but WHY? G4P guys are a dime a dozen, and they seem to get all the attention despite terrible performances.
    1. Have you ever seen erection problems or awkward blowjobs at Brazzers or Naughty America? –No.
    2. Ever seen gay porn playing at the background of a straight scene? –No
    3. Ever seen straight porn where the guy has to squeeze the base of his dick so it looks hard? –No
    4. Ever seen straight porn where the actors make no eye contact whatsoever? –No
    5. Ever seen straight porn where the top is paired with an ugly girl who does all the work? –No
    6. Ever seen straight porn where the camera cuts every 5 seconds? –No
    7. Ever seen gay porn where the actors have passionate, reciprocal sex done in one near-continuous take? HELL TO THE NO!

    So tell me, why are we excited again??

  8. Ryan says

    @hugh, I can answer yes to all of those questions.. you must not watch as much porn as i do… PLUS having boner problems in straight or gay porn does not denote one’s orientation.. Have YOU ever fuckied with 10 random strangers watching? It may juts make you a bit nervous… PLUS you film for several hours, Im not sure of you sexual skill, but most erections change hardness or softness when doing it for extended periods of time.

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