Muscle Jock Steve Gets Fucked By Marc at Corbin Fisher

This big, buff and blond Corbin Fisher model Steve is a personal trainer and a competition bodybuilder. And he gets fucked by Marc in the new video from CORBINFISHER.COM. I love muscle bottom!


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  1. says

    It looks as dough Steve attempt to switch from gay to str8-porn didn’t work out.So now he is back at Corbin-Fisher getting his ass-hole fuck by Marc he had a ( Ad ) on Looking for str8-porn work he is not alone their are other G4pers on their too who are also doing the same things as he.Trying to break out of gay-porn and into str8-porn some make it and some don’t it remain to see how long he will stay at C.F before he move on or quit which ever one come first.

  2. Tom says

    I like the guy but he’s not a competitive bodybuilder. I do look forward to the not-so-distant-future when absolutely every hot in America does gay porn. We’re almost there.

  3. Alias74 says

    HOT HOT HOT! I know I’m in the minority….especially since he looks like a steroided version of those creepy kids from ‘Village of the Damned’…STEVE is DELICIOUS!
    NOW GET DP’D!!!!!

  4. chris says

    I love muscle bottoms like Steve too! I don’t know if he considers himself G4P, but I hope he stays with Corbin for awhile and continues to bottom! From the articles I’ve seen, str8 porn pays less for guys anyway, so he may be better off.

  5. King says

    ROFL @ Halfback’s comment.
    Now, about this update: It didn’t do anything for me and neither did Steve, maybe because I don’t find him attractive. Personally, Marc is a better bottom and should definitely bottom more than he tops.

  6. alex says

    I agree that Marc wasn’t a great top, but I think he may have been going easy on Steve. Of course, that doesn’t explain why his dick was a bit limp when he first penetrated Steve. I think Steve deserves a hotter top — and maybe a flip scene.

  7. mich says

    And what about Marc’s rimming? Is it still called rimming when you use your chin instead of your tongue?

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