Muscle Overlad: Hunky Braden Charron & Jaxton Wheeler Fuck

I consider this newest Randy Blue video a hardcore version of the funny skit, A Football Thing, from Mad TV. I think it’s one of the hottest and funniest skits ever, by the way :-)

And I’m happy they bring back two very muscular porn models Braden Charron and Jaxton Wheeler and let them take turns fucking each other in this muscle overload porn video!

+ Braden Charron and Jaxton Wheeler Flip Flop Fuck [Photo Gallery]


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  1. Tom says

    I love Felix’s A+ for steroid use. What’s with the facial hair on these guys? The guy with the bad tats has bizarre eyebrows. Put the tweezers down. Now.

  2. manu says

    I hate it when people talk out of their asses about stuff they don’t know!! Probably very skinny guys or fatties jealous of what others have achieved . Even with steroids ( no evidence here , source ?? ), a body like that requires a lot of hard work . Jaxton has been training for at least 6 years, he didn’t become like this overnight .
    The other guy does have awful eyebrows .

  3. manu says

    Hmmmm I take back what I said . Jaxton doesn’t look like he uses steroids but Braden Charon does…:| He is very off-putting.
    Jaxton needs a proper top to take care of him , he was really good in this scene and tries his best to make it work, but his partner ruins it for me .
    Dan Darlington /Jaxton Wheeler flip-flop please ! :)

  4. sxg says

    Man what a hot scene! Glad that Jaxton still does a scene now and again and Braden has really leaned up! And yea Braden has a guido look, but he comes from that area so it’s no surprise he looks like a guido. And he tans to make himself look more muscular, a lot of bodybuilders do that.

    Also I actually found the madTV skit kind of hot. Those two guys are handsome. I would not have minded if they both ended up in bed together and we got to watch 😉

  5. alex says

    Not a good look for Braden. The hair, the tan, the tats, the ripped ads — none of it does him any favors. I prefer Jaxton’s more natural, beefy look.

  6. Jay says

    You do need to give “Braden” a certain degree of credit–unlike most of the primarily straight guys doing porn, this straight guy actually will suck a dick, will eat an ass, and will kiss a guy…and not have a look on his face like he’s about to throw up OR make it obvious that he’s looking off camera at pussy porn. He may not exactly do any of those things well, BUT, he will actually do them.

  7. Jay says

    One more thing—“Braden” is not exactly all-natural here….in one of the photographs, he has gyno clearly visible. Maybe I’m wrong, but you cannot be an all-natural competitor while sporting a noticeable case of gyno.

  8. manu says

    I love how Jaxton asks his partner to pull his hair while he’s fucking hhim .
    Jaxton is a great fucker, he deserves a better top!! I would LOVE to see CutlerX jackhammering his ass and treating him like a little bitch , that would be so awesome !!

  9. leo says

    as a former member of randy blue, i had a crush on braden and scrutinized every video he was in to adore his adonis body. when he bottomed for the first time, i must’ve blown at least 6 load in 12 hours, watching the video ad nauseam. then one day, i noticed plenty of evidence that he may not have been bottoming at all. for starters, there were no actual penetration shots in which the asshole could be linked to the face of the bottom. in other words, an ass was being fucked, but it likely wasn’t braden’s. this trend continued in subsequent “bottoming” videos most notably in the 3-some video with alex and gage. if you lok closely while gage is “pounding” braden, gage’s erect dick is downturned in braden’s ass crack while braden is sucking alex’s dick. i was upset and so confronted braden on a randy blue chat line about his bottoming but he strategically avoided my questions. i had had it; i deemed randy blue a fraud and canceled my membership, never to return again.

    today, i’ve learned that braden has bottomed again and am excited. granted there is very little resemblance to the braden i once admired (as many have noted, he’s seemingly roided up, his eyebrows no longer evoke the rugged look, and his tan is something of a horror show), his bubble butt has withstood his metamorphosis. i want to see this video albeit i don’t want to be disappointed again by faux bottoming. who has seen this video? does he really get his ass fucked? please let me know before i sign up for randy blue again.

  10. manu says

    @ LEO Yes Braden does get fucked by Jaxton in this video .
    They both get fucked , several proofs of penetration BUT Braden as a top fakes fucking Jaxton on several shots ( when Jaxton cums for instance , Braden is supposed to be fucking him but you can tell that nothing is really happening , Braden either was flaccid or “tucked” lol). I guess this is good if you love Braden and you want to see him bottoming.
    For those interested in Jaxton , his other Randy Blue scenes were hotter than this one IMO . Braden really doesn’t match his intensity.

  11. leo says

    thanks, manu! i guess i’ll sign up again and maybe get off this weekend.

    i was looking at jaxton and wondering where i know him from. was he formerly at chaosmen going under the name of valentino? he looks a tad beefier than valentino by the face and teeth look the same.

  12. leo says

    does randy blue allow you to keep your videos even after i discontinue service with them like sites such as corbin fisher and sean cody? the last time i was a subscriber, i wasn’t able to access my downloaded videos after i canceled my membership.

  13. gio says

    Leo, yes, the new site allows you to download like all other sites, and keep the files. It is now compatible also with Ipad and Iphone…

  14. says

    @Leo Unfortunately penetration is faked a lot more than people realize. I hate it when I notice it. I can’t get into the scene after that.

    I like Jaxton’s look, big, beefy and bulky. But the space between his sideburns and beard? ‘sup with that?

  15. muscleBX says

    leo wrote :

    then one day, i noticed plenty of evidence that he may not have been bottoming at all. …. this trend continued in subsequent “bottoming” videos most notably in the 3-some video with alex and gage

    U ARE TOTALLY RIGHT. it was : Alex Fucks Braden

    the 3-some video with alex and gage WAS FAKE TOO

    I saw here the trailer. Jaxton fucking Braden looks FAKE TOO :(((

  16. alex says

    Speaking of Alex Eden, too bad he seems to have retired. I did notice the fake penetration in that scene, and have noticed it in other RB vids. But I think, often, this is the result of a guy not being able to maintain an erection — or blowing his load too early (off camera). I’ve seen a good my Braden videos, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that ass get fucked.

  17. sxg says

    In this scene between Jaxton and Braden, Braden does and doesn’t get fucked. When Braden is on his stomache and Jaxton is on top of him, you can’t see much penetration and when you do you get a slight glimpse that Jaxton’s dick is just bumping against Braden’s ass. It isn’t until Braden is on his back getting fucked that you do get a good look at penetration. Also there is no penetration when Jaxton cums, even though it does look like Braden is fucking him.

  18. Paul says

    OMG..are you really complaining about facial hair placement..if ANY of these guys walked up to you and said hey..wanna hang you would FAINT..grow up ..they are both hot..and you know it..

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