Muscle Studs Nick Tower and Tanner Gets Fucked By Dominic

ACTIVEDUTY.COM has the return of Domenic! They match up him with two of our muscle men, hunky Nick Tower and shredded Tanner, and watch the sparks fly. Secondly, this scene also marks Nick Tower‘s first time bottoming, so you know it’s going to be something extra special. Plus, Tanner bottoms again as well.

I like this scene because two very beefy and muscular men Nick and Tanner bottoms for smaller guy Dominic.

+ Dominic Fucks Nick Tower and Tanner


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  1. Chris says

    The scene looks very hot… But I think it should be porn law that in ALL threesome scenes that the bottom first gets spit roasted, they the two tops take turns in him the finally the bottom gets double fucked 😉

  2. manu says

    Hehe Chris is right , and their asses should have been eaten too .
    Nick Tower is my kind of guy , although I don’t know if this scene is good , the pictures are really hot :)

  3. Rictor says

    This could’ve been so much hotter. Nick had wood problems and didn’t suck cock. Tanner, on the hand, was hard all the time and sucked like a champ!

  4. MarcoManuel says

    Anybody remember Angel Diablo at Randy blue?Its been a long time and he still didnt made videos having sex with men.He only made 1 jerk off video at Randy Blue.It looks like Angel was a 1 time only gay for pay man.Randy Blue is known to have lots of 1 time only jerk off video gay for pay men.

  5. says

    Tanner is truly showing his true colors as to being a hot bottom boy, looking to take all the dicks his hot muscled ass can stand. Kudos to these three man for making my dick stand at attention. : )

  6. GRPR50 says

    This is one damned hot scene. I simply love it. I love the models. But Chris is right, they should have both had the tiny top get spit roasted before he gave it to Nick Tower and Tanner. Maybe next time. Never can please us homos, can you?

  7. chris22 says

    Nick Tower is hot as hell! I’m glad he’s bottoming and I hope he comes back and does more of it. Tanner is pretty hot and a good bottom, too. A flip-flop scene between the two of them would make definitely make my day.

  8. JonnyD says

    It is funny that Nick Tower bottoms but does not suck dick. It like those guys that fuck you but don’t kiss you. I don’t get it. May be is G4P… in any case it is hot. I would love to see him gang banged next time. :)

  9. alex says

    JonnyD, I get it. I actually prefer to not see kissing and oral sex. I’m only in it for the banging. This isn’t about true relationships — it’s just about sex. As far as threesomes go, I prefer that each guy take a turn on the bottom. But actually, I’d prefer the third guy (in this case Dominic) would just stay home. Nick is so hot, but Tanner looks bored.

  10. Reece says

    Nick and Domenic are alright. Tanner is hot, he has that bad boy look with an amazing body, which I love ????

  11. JonnyD says

    Tanner is puzzling. In the very first scene, he looked so shy almost really like a straight kid in the wrong place. On this one, although a little bit more confirmable, he seems to enjoy fucking an being fuck and seems to love a sucking dick too. Very cute and hot at the same time.

  12. Gregg says

    Yah Tanner was kinda shy with Axl. Axl must have warmed him up. LOL .. Nonetheless I don’t know what to think of these guys. And its wickedly kool for guys to kiss. Chicks love it. P.S. Flossing and Scope recommended.

  13. says

    Es verdad lo de ciertos comentarios con respecto a NICK; ya que se dejò penetrar ¿porque no chupo la pija de sus compañeros??. Incluso da la impresiòn de no desear hacerle sexo oral a ninguno de sus dos acompañantes.
    Igualmente, contando con 3 machàzos tan calientes, la escena podrìa haber estado mucho mejor.

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