My New ASSdiction – MATHEW MASON Beautiful Butt

This blog post is for everyone who loves beautiful butt and porn star Mathew Mason. If you follow this Lucas Entertainment exclusive model on Twitter @TheRealMathewM, you will know that he likes to share pictures of his butt! It’s like he’s keeping an online diary and progess of his butt workout routine LOL! which I think is a cool and sexy idea :-)

I’m glad Mathew Mason want to share his “butt” video with the readers of Queer Me Now.

I just wanted to reach out to my fans and give them something I hope they’d enjoy. And to let them know that big things are happening.

And to watch him put his butt to good use, check out this video Mathew Mason bottoms for Trenton Ducati.

+ Trenton Ducati Fucks Mathew Mason


+ More of Mathew Mason

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  1. Sam says

    oh God, a tramp stamp?! I don’t know if this guy has a nice ass or bad posture…looks more like he is just sticking it out.

  2. TJ says

    In one school of thought its very hot, very sexy.

    In another school of thought, I can’t get my mind of the idea that constantly douching his ass here is both kind of unhygienic if he’s spraying it over the other guy, and it would weaken his wall of his ass a lot.

  3. manu says

    Yeah he has a very slutty ass ( which is good :)) . Bottoms need to douche, there is no acceptable excuse not to do so . Since they are already clean when they shoot these scenes it’s OK even though I would not personnally do it.

  4. sxg says

    He does have a nice ass, but I can tell the way he’s posing is what’s making it larger than what it really is. Damn shame that Trenton and Mathew’s scene doesn’t look to be a flip flop scene!

  5. Clark Lane says

    Hmmm, talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill – nothing really exceptional about that ass at all, in my not-so-humble-opinion.

  6. C says

    The first pics of this guy were HellaHot. When he got around to doing porn it was like “Who let the air out of the tires”! He has a nice ass, Not ass good as it once was or the body he used to have when his pics first came out.

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