Paul Walker Gets Fucked By Tony Rivera in Bangers & Ass

I think Tony Rivera is one of the hottest men in gay porn at the moment. He’s so handsome! This is scene is among the scenes I wanted to see ever since I published the behind the scenes photos last June. (more behind the scenes photos: here, here and here)

In this scene from Lucas Entertainment’s new movie BANGERS & ASS, you can watch hottie Tony Rivera fucks Paul Walker! It’s awesome that Paddy’s buddy, Paul Walker has become an eager bottom now. Both Paul and Tony are hot together :-)

+ Tony Rivera Fucks Paul Walker



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  1. says

    Walker has proved he’s a champion bottom – and often stays hard while penetrated, love it. He still has a way to go though. Until he starts sucking dick – and dropping the “I’m still a butch man” attitude – he will still be a bit off to me.

  2. says

    ¡¡PAUL WALKER es un fondo increible!!…ha mejorado muchisimo desde su primera vez como pasivo.
    PAUL se ha transformado en un gran actor porno. Da placer ver sus escenas.
    ¡¡¡BIEN POR ÈL!!!

  3. Ben Of Asia says

    Im 32 now and never had a relationship. Guys I AM shy to ask this but HOW DOES IT FEEL TO HAVE A PEN#S inside, I mean is it really hurt?

  4. manu says

    paul Wagner does nothing for me, the other guy : looks like a clone with that fucking shoulder tribal tatoo again. UGH

  5. charlie_jack says

    I think with a lot of these guys, they act all straight acting and top to push up there bottoming rate then they are all about being a bottom. Guys like D.O and Landon Conrad were all top now I hardly ever see them top

  6. manu says

    Vjarlie_Jack : D.O. is a great versatile performer, I think he has bottomed in only one scene, all the rest were flip-flops, so you can’t say you hardly ever see him topping 😉

  7. says

    Fair play to paul he is really doing great at the bottoming, because i think he is genuinely a straight man. Though his cock is harder when he is bottoming thanwhen he is topping? lol

  8. MarcoManuel says

    Between Paddy and Paul.Paul is the man who will bottom the most.

    Im sure most gay men would prefer seing Paddy bottom the most.But,it will not happen.

    The most masculine men always wants to be top.

  9. dissi says

    The scene is good… Some of Tony’s sexiness must have rubbed off on Paul cus I was actually attracted to him in this scene!

  10. marc says

    damn, Paul is fine any way he comes! nothing better than to see a guy enjoy sex like he does! such a damn fine bottom, he is a class act! gggrrrhhh!

  11. mitch says

    they should BOTh be Bottoms in most of their scenes, the STUPENDOUS looking top should offer his tush as well, both hot men, great kissers too?

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