Preview: Austin Wolf Fucks Chris Rockway and Jordan Levine !!!

Guys! I just got this awesome sneak peek from RANDY BLUE! Porn star Jordan Levine revealed it on March 14th via his Twitter that he’s filming his bottoming debut with Randy Blue. You can see some behind the scenes pictures here.

This hot threesome between Chris Rockway, Austin Wolf and Jordan Leveine will be released next week, April 19th. But I just got these hot preview photos for you, the readers of Queer Me Now blog.

Randy Blue has been around for ten years this April, and we decided that we should put our three hottest guys together. We got Austin Wolf fucking Jordan Levine and Chris Rockway. It’s Jordan’s first time, and it’s been so many years for Chris, it’s pretty such like his first time too!

Yay! His fans can watch handsome porn star Jordan Levine bottoms for the first time. Austin Wolf is one lucky gay man to get a chance to fuck both Chris Rockway and Jordan Levine!

Randy Blue – Ten Years of the Hottest Guys.

The Morning After – Chris Rockway, Austin Wolf and Jordan Levine get too drunk and pass out before they can have their way with each other. Guess they’ll have to wait til morning. Jordan bottoms for the first time and Chris Rockway bottoms too!


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  1. MarcoManuel says

    Gay men will finally have what they wants.

    A Kinsey1ner who mostly tops finally do the bottoming.

    Chris Rockway went from bi to straight.

    Chris once said in 1 of his older live show that he was bi and he was having sex with men outside porn.

    Then later,he said that he was straight and had a girlfriend.He also said that his girlfriend doesnt have a problem with Chris making gay porn.

    Its easy to say that im indifferent to Chris.

  2. MarcoManuel says

    Enjoy Chris Rockway getting fucked.

    But,dont expect Chris to bottom very often.

    Chris only bottoms on very high demand.

    Which means once every 4 years.

    I dont get the appeal with a man who bottoms against his will.

  3. josh8 says

    It would be so much hotter if they didn’t include Chris Rockway. Austin and Jordan have passion… Chris is just so fake.

  4. WriteIt says

    Chris Rockway ruins every scene he’s in. The fact that he doesn’t even open his mouth when he kisses is a turn off and everything else is just as bad. It’s long past time he retired.

    Austin is hot. He’s someone I’m following.

  5. Just me says

    The moment Rockway turned his back on gay porn because he’s “straight” (laughing my ass off) then came back because I guess he didn’t make enough money in straight porn, he basically died for me. I’m watching this only for Austin Wolf. Chris Rockway could be replaced by a bag of shit and still be more appealing to me.
    And yes, he does look fake, when he tops, he’s the stiffest (not in a good way) top I’ve ver seen, and he’s boring, when he bottoms, he overdoes his moaning so much it’s fake and distracting. Just get rid of this guy already!

  6. DD says

    I think Chris Rockway is hot, still, I get the negative comments. He doesn’t bottom enough, certainly doesn’t kiss enough and is bilking young gays who don’t know better out of their hard earned tips. Yet, he’s still hot looking if not lacking in the performance column, so yeah. I honestly believe he’s gay/bi riding on the popularity of his fine musculature.

  7. manu says

    Looks very hot!! I would have been even happier if it was just Chris Rockway and Austin Wolf fucking each other ( hopefully this is planned for a future scene!?) but this is great already.
    Don’t care at all for Mr Levine though

  8. Cheezy says

    Chris have a big ass. He said he is straight but do escort service for men. So he gets fucked. Have a great virgin hole, NOT!!!!

  9. Trevor says

    So if Austin gets to fuck 2 guys in a scene, then fair is fair, in Austin’s next scene 2 guys should get to fuck him! Austin is the man I want to see bottom!

  10. dissi says

    I’d love to see Austin Wolf bottom too, but I can’t think of anyone at RB who would do a proper job of it. lol & lol @Cheezy (“boring and dumb”).

  11. BLACKjack says

    The otherr 2 guys are HOT but Chris needs to retire ( or stay retired ) just the sight of him turns my stomach !!!

  12. alex says

    Geez! What are they saving Austin’s hole for?! Most of their man on man scenes feature forgetable guys, so this could have been their hottest vid in quite some time –instead of the disappointment it is. Being that Chris is versatile, this seemed the perfect opportunity for a flip flop. Manu’s right. They didn’t need a third guy. Frankly, I think kissing is a waste of time in porn, don’t want it. I’m not crazy about bjs either. Just get down to brass tax! I do like, though, when the guys get undressed on camera.

  13. Alias74 says

    Hope Rockway is quiet and/or muzzled during this one….his HYSTERICS during his first time bottoming clip were hysterical and about as a sexy as watching a morbidly obese person roll around in guacamole….which is to say: NOT.
    Get fucked….gape that hole…or get out of gay porn! And I second the whole “hot as shit, boring gay porn performer”.
    Now Austin Wolf…..when are YOU gonna get fucked….hard???

  14. litper says

    it’s Austin Wolf who should botttom! He’s gay and he’s hot. The “straight” trash he’s paired with may go away!

  15. The truth says

    Jordan Levine is hot! Not only is he handsome with a great body he has a great personality too. I don’t know what some of you here are talking about. But I agree with the Chris rockaway needs to retire and Reese rideout too. I use to like Reese but I find help urn appealing now.

  16. manu says

    Wow you guys are really mean and catty…You’d think he attacked your mother or something with all these ill-wishing comments.
    Calm your asses down.
    Chris is bottoming, I’m happy. His sexual orientation doesn’t matter as long as he performs well, and I think he does when he bottoms. So stop complaining or at least try to tame your remarks. He recently had a big surgery and you could just move on to the next post if you hate him so much.
    He’s very well spoken btw I don’t know where these comments about him being “dumb” come from, you don’t know what you are talking about Cheezy, and I think you also made up the escort part. It’s really low!
    ANYWAY hopefully Austin is next in line to get fucked for a next scene.

  17. Almatolmen says

    I adore Austin. If he chooses to bottom, alright. If not, that’s okay, too!

    You guys make it seem that a man has to bottom to prove something. Not true! There’s nothing more special about a bottom than a top.

  18. says

    I’ve only seen a few vids with Chris and enjoyed them. He’s a hot man! Good looking, nice body and I love his ass! This looks to be a really great scene. I wonder how many of the rude comments made about a performer’s looks or performance are from guys who suffer in the looks department and are lousy lays! But with their computers they can tear down anyone they want with their bold statements. I’ve said it before, if you don’t like a performer, don’t waste your time watching him. Spend your $$$ for the guys you like.

  19. Tom says

    Who cares? It’s all to trash-for-cash anyway. Much hotter guys at the gym. The guys in porn today look way too desperate, it’s just not hot. Every month it gets worse. Now I just feel sorry these guys. If I do want a good porn to jack off to I ‘ll look at Bill Henson take it raw in Sailor in the Wild from the early ’80s when the guys were hot and masculine.

  20. Cheezy says

    @manu: I love Chris his bottom work.
    And escort: see rentboy!! I did not make it up! He does do escort! Doesn’t matter he is great as bottom!

  21. Tia Maria says

    @Manu… I know for sure that Chris did indeed Escort. So it’s not made up. Nevertheless I like when he bottoms. He should just keep his ‘try hard’ comments on his sexuality to a minimum though. They come across as very defensive and not very convincing.

  22. Vabballfan says

    You guys can try to trash Chris as much as you want – that’s fine – I’ll take him, lock him up in my bedroom and flip-fuck with him for years.

    I don’t care if Chris tops, bottoms or flips – but I’d want to flip with him.

    Austin should bottom – he escorts and he advertises as versatile so he doesn’t have a virgin butt hole.

  23. djb says

    They don’t mention it here, but Randy Blue is having an Anniversary special. It’s only $9.95 a month and continues monthly at that rate. I’m just hoping they continue the nice oral shots he’s had on the site lately especially for this scene. Now a double whammy would be nice to see!

  24. JJ says

    I think Chris ROckaway is sexy.Nice ass.I just can’t stand his straight over acting.

    The one with the Mickey Mouse tattoo(which I hate) is sexy too and he loves tit play!

    The guy being fucked covered with tattoos? WTF? NO MORE TATTOOS!!!! STOP WITH THE TATTOOS!!!!!!!!

  25. sxg says

    I find Chris Rockway to be a really nice and funny guy judging from talking to him on webcam. And I think he is really hot and has a good size dick.

    However, he is a terrible gay porn star. He’s always very detached and distracted. Looks only get you so far in porn they shouldn’t carry you on forever.

    Jordan Levine wow he sure has come far. I remember when he first did cam he said he would never do it with a guy. And now look at him he’s finally bottoming on film! He too is an extremely cool and friendly guy. Very approachable.

    Sadly Austin Wolf does not bottom in his private life, or even in his scenes. He says he only bottoms for escorting, which I find rather strange. I would have thought that’s the last place you would want to do it.

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