Queer Me Now at The Phoenix Forum 2013

Hey guys! Right now I’m in Phoenix, Arizona attending The Phoenix Forum 2013. And just like last year, I’ll try to bring you guys as many photos of porn stars I meet at this porn event as I can.

I just met hot couple Ryan Rose and Bobby Hart in person. They are smoking hot! I also met Peter Le, Cody Cummings.

And I’m so excited to meet The Maverick Men again. They are so sweet and nice and friendly as I remember!

Peter Le

Cody Cummings and Peter Le

The Maverick Men and Peter Le

BUT looks like the pictures Ryan and Bobby took of themselves in the bathroom is A LOT HOTTER!

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  1. jeremyrain says

    Peter Le seems to lose quite some weight, apparently? But he looks so sweet and innocent- which I adore. If only he was gay…

  2. sam says

    what’s all the excitement about Ryan Rose? great body, but very average face and messed up teeth. His boyfriend is much hotter

  3. Tony says

    Marcus, you are a man. Why do you refer to yourself as girls? I hate to hear gay men referring or calling other men girls. I’m a masucline man born a man who happen to be attractive to other men. I’m no girl nor do I want to be.

  4. tomahawk says

    Peter Le (the supposed asian Cody Cummings) cant be doing all that well if he hasnt gotten veneers for his snaggle teeth yet. When he starts bottoming, I’ll start being interested.

  5. JW says

    I have to admit that Peter Le does look quite different as if he has lost a lot of weight…and I’m glad that someone else besides me had the speculation of him being gay-for-pay considering that you’ve never seen him have any contact with another guy and when he does venture into some ass play in some of his videos, he does not even insert the whole finger and let’s not mention a sex toy ever come into play…

  6. Olaf says

    I’m not sure why people can’t look at a couple and be happy for them; without saying one is hotter than the other. Ryan and Bobby are so hot, and I’m happy for them

  7. sxg says

    Damn wtf happened to peter le? It does look like he’s lost a good amount of weight, most of it being all muscle mass too. And yea his teeth are far from perfect, I would think that if he were doing so well he would make an effort to have them fixed a bit.

  8. says

    What the fuck is Cody doing there? And those vile Maverick Men? And I totally agree with @sam, Ryan Rose has a nice body but that’s it!

  9. andrew says

    Ryan Rose (Pierce at Sean Cody) is one big beautiful muscular Jarhead. Check out his vids at SC and fall in love!

  10. Kevin says

    Should be noted that according to Bobby Hart,Ryan Rose aka Pierce is in jail.
    He might have a nice body but it appears he has a temper problem,as shown by the beating he gave to his now ex-boyfriend.

  11. andrew says

    I’m a big fan of the work Ryan Rose (Pierce) did at Sean Cody. Was sad to hear he beat up his now hopefully ex-boyfriend. A big strong former Marine like Ryan, has got an added responsibility to get his anger under control. Hope he is getting help with that.

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