Randy Blue Releases “Text Lies and Video” Official Trailer

I’ve posted 3 home-video-style sneaky previews of Randy Blue’s upcoming movie Text, Lies and Video 2 weeks ago. Now they release the official trailer!

Text, Lies and Video starring Chris Rockway, Nicco Sky, Gunner Pierce, Benjamin Bradley, Dallas Evans, Richard Pierce, Eric Pryor and Riley Price.

And from the trailer, looks like we’re gonna see Chris Rockway bottoms for muscle studs Gunner Pierce and Richard Pierce!

When Andy (Nicco Sky) moves to a new town and when he hooks up with Travis (Chris Rockway) the hottest guy in his apartment complex, he can’t believe his good luck. But everything turns for the worst when Andy finds out that not only was he just another one night stand, but Travis has uploaded a video of the encounter on a tubesite called FuckBoyTube. In his search for information about this cold hearted man-whore Andy uncovers a hotbed of sex, lies and deception right in his own apartment building. There’s Sasha the neighborhood slut (Eric Pryor), Colton the horny security guard (Dallas Evans), the boytoy (Richard Pierce) and Tommy the date gone wrong (Riley Price), all out to get their own rocks off no matter what the consequences are. And with the help of his best friend Mack (Gunner Pierce) he’s off to get his revenge.

Text, Lies and Video debuts on RANDYBLUE.COM on May 11th while the full, director’s cut will be released on May 17th in a special collector’s 2 DVD set. This set not only has the full movie with extra scenes but an entire DVD of bonus material including tons of behind the scenes footage, photo gallery, exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, and a dirty little hidden “easter egg”.


+ Chris Rockway Gets Fucked by Reese Rideout and Alex Eden

+ Chris Rockway and Reese Rideout Get Fucked in Alley Cats Orgy

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  1. shel says

    Randy Blue, you shouldn’t direct a movie, you are good at clips, but a whole movie is a different story!

    I saw “That 70’s Gay Porn Movie”. It wasn’t a great movie. The actors need direction, you didn’t do anything, and it was a crap like something amateurish serie in a noname channel!

    I don’t understand Chris Rockaway’s success in the gay porn world. He is JUST a str8 bull, nothing special.

    BUT I give you a chance, I will buy this new movie, and probably it will change my mind.

  2. Freddy says

    Nico is stunning afa looks are concerned and he seems to be improving as a pornstar too, not all hope is lost. But where’s topher di maggio and tyler johnson the hottest assets RB ever had in his stable???

  3. jboy says

    I like a wide variety of men and Chris Rockway is goodlooking, but I too never understood his porn star status. He just seems to blend into the crowd.

  4. steve says

    It reminds me of this Jocks movie called “Getting it Straight” that Jason Ridge starred in with Max Diesel.

  5. mel says

    Nicco is amazing, I usually like big muscles, but his toned natural body is very hot. And he is right at home having sex on camera. He takes a dick better than any other guy at RB. Chris hasnt bottomed in awhile he deserves a good fuck. I hope that Benjamin Bradley is not teamed up with Eric Prior both are not strong tops and should stick with their strengths, which would be taking dicks in their hot asses. I am still hoping Gunner gets better at sex he still is not very fluid.
    I will watch this however, I wonder why RB thinks it needs to make full feature films when it has become famous for their 14-20 minute fuck clips.

  6. David says

    Chris Rockway is sexy as hell, and has got the BEST ass (or one of the best asses) I’ve ever seen…

    I’m curious whether he just lies there and takes it or does he bottom with gusto, as though he LOVES getting plowed…

  7. mel says

    I also forgot to comment Ben Bradley’s body has gotten amazing. I saw pics in a previous posts from his and bf Roman Heart twitter page They both looked great. A far cry from his cute twink days as Ginch Gonch model. Nice work I hope he gets bigger and turns into a bodybuilder.

  8. JT says

    Nothing worse then when they try to give actors line and a plot to s porn movie, just moments we’d sooner run forward.

    Chris rockway is stunning though.

  9. QTboi says

    What a great cast. Who cares who fucks who. It’s all hot. I am not sure why ppl read so much into porn. It’s porn stars not Oscar nominated actors- what the hell do you expect. This looks cute and sexy. I will be watching.

  10. tom in portland says

    Based on all the preview clips and pics, I’m betting this DVD has two oral only scenes, including the scene between Dallas and Chris. What a waste of good models. RB you can post that oral only filler/junk on your website, but its not going to go over well in a DVD that costs $50.

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