Randy Blue’s Chip Tanner Bottoms, Dean Phoenix’s Topping 101

Geek Porn Vs Acrobatic Porn: RANDYBLUE.COM released the video Chad Hollon Fucks Chip Tanner. Finally, a video you can watch acrobatic hottie Chip Tanner gets his bubble butt fucked!

At COCKSUREMEN.COM, They paired up muscular porn star Dean Phoenix with twink Zach Randall in a video called TOPPING 101, the follow up to Bottoming 101 starring John Magnum and Kevin Lane.

I think this is the second time they fuck on camera. The first time is in the movie Paradise Found, Dean Phoenix fucks Zack Randall on the beach!

+ Chad Hollon Fucks Chip Tanner


+ Dean Phoenix Fucks Zack Randall in TOPPING 101


+ Dean Phoenix Fucks Zack Randall in Paradise Found


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  1. curve says

    The Chad Hollon Fucks Chip Tanner scene was a major disappointment! No chemistry no passion just so forced. Once again another RB flop!

  2. Nobara Jones says

    I think it’s unanimous that the majority of posters here seem to find the RB clips awful…staged, passionless, terrible.

    What up with THAT?!?!!? AND…and, you say….they have some HOTTIES over there right now – Chris Rockway, Travis James, Mike West….

    Damn you, RB!

  3. Mel says

    Randly Blue! What are you thinking these two guys are subpar. Not that good looking and their bodies at best only average. This is not the quality that I expect from a first class online site.
    As for Dean Pheanix how old is he? He is like several other porn stars that really need to consider reitrement cough** Micheal Lucas, Collin O’Neal cough**

  4. Gigolo says

    Both Dean and the guy who likes to get pee’d on look HORRIBLE. Drugs and age have NOT been kind to them. If I could separate their cocks from the rest, I’d be happy. LOL

    And poor RB…he’s resorted to posing fat mannequins fucking.

  5. ALan says

    It’s Dean Phoenix, Mel, and you are coming across like a huge snob. I think these “average,” “old” guys are really hot because they are REAL. You can buy your Fantasy World porn if you want. It’s made by Falcon.

  6. Spongey says

    Who cares how old Dean is, I’d let him violate me dirty!! Throw in Zach and I’d be in heaven.

    RB for sure has hot men, but that doesn’t always equate to hot sex, see any scene with Malachi & Leo.

  7. Scott says

    Well, any photographer will tell you that the worst picture to take is against a white background, and on top of that Zack is wearing a white shirt (notice sometime in magazine b4 and after makeovers, the person is usually wearing a white shirt in the b4 pic). I think Zack is adorable, and Dean, OMG, I don’t know how hold he is now (late 30s?) but I’ve always thought—and still do—that he is one of the most handsome men in porn. And at least he gives Zack head this time!

  8. Nobara Jones says

    PS I don’t care how STRAIGHT Chip Tanner is….his hole has been PRACTICED on…nobody gapes that naturally without sitting on some fairly large objects…

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