Sad & Shocking News: Erik Rhodes Has Passed Away In His Sleep

SAD NEWS: About an hour ago, this shocking message appeared on Erik Rhodes‘ Twitter:

Erik Rhodes has left us this morning at 5.30am his family and boyfriend Riccardo are in deep pain, please respect this sad moment

His fans were shocking. Then about half an hour later, Adam Q. Robinson, the VP of Production for Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion Studios confirmed this sad news:

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Erik Rhodes this morning. Erik died of a heart attack in his sleep.

Erik has been an amazing friend & part of the Falcon family for 8 years, a man of steel on the outside but all teddy bear on the inside.

RIP Erik Rhodes…. You will be missed…

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  1. willy says

    You don’t have to be using growth hormone or meth to have a heart attack when you are young. I had a heart attack last week and didn’t even know it. I finally went to the doctors after 36 hours of what I thought was bad heartburn. I am 39. It would be great if readers took the time to learn the symptoms and risk factors.

  2. alex9gr says

    Its really really sad not because its about Eric Rhodes, the great porn star, but because he was an other young man who passed away so early.
    Im not quite shocked though.Iliked him cause he had a pretty face but come on, his body was so supernatural…
    It was pretty obvious that he was on steroids…

  3. BLACKjack says

    I truly hope that Eric will find the peace that seem to escape him in life . There will be plenty of time for debating the cause of his death but for right now lets just wish and his family well .

    R.I.P !
    Eric Rhodes U will be missed !!!

  4. Hot and Holesome says

    Just my two cents: Somehow all the info and pictures on the website just seem a little less exciting or interesting after Erik (James)’s death.

    Yes, Erik was self-destructive. But it makes me wonder about all the other men pictured on this website and what’s going to happen to them.

  5. Jay says

    This is a sad day for his family and the man in his life….that said, no one who knew him or knew of his antics in his private life can say this comes as a total shock. He had been burning his candle at both ends for a number of years…it was only a matter of time until the wick was gone. His life should serve as lesson to many gay men about how to live and how not to live.—Honesty..good……chemicals…not good at all.

  6. Tom says

    I didn’t want to say this yesterday but I will today at the risk of upsetting people. I think this man was the example of everything that is wrong with the gay community at its worst. Drugs, self loathing, arrogance, extreme behavior (fisting etc). The very sad thing is Erik/James had done all this before he had even turned 30.

    I never really liked this guy on the whole, from what I saw of him anyway. Still, I am sure he was a good man around friends and family. His dark side is what ultimately killed him though.

  7. Marko says

    Giggles @ “incliduding” above. Looks like Ned Flanders misses Erik too. Seriously though, very sad news. There always seemed to be a nice guy underneath the prickly, painfully honest demeanour. RIP.

  8. robert says

    He was a honest sexy man who I will miss..The sad thing is how many strangers are commenting on how he died as if they know..

  9. DJ says

    To Erik Rhodes, the Superstar:
    You were truly and honestly the epitome of what a superstar represents and defines. Your onscreen presence is a treasure that will be greatly treasured, never lost, and always remembered. May you Rest In Peace.

    To James Elliott, the man behind “Erik Rhodes”:
    We all have our own personal demons that constantly battle on a daily basis. I pray that at the time of your Higher Calling, you were somewhat at peace with said demons. I also pray that you did not let them overtake you and drive you out of our lives, out of life itself. My heart truly aches for you and I truly know what it’s like to come face to face with your inner demons. I finally pray that you find peace and eternal life in your passing.

    Please, for the sake of those who loved you and miss you so dearly, Rest In Eternal Peace.


  10. guillermo says

    i am still shocked, i miss erik, i miss james.

    he wasn’t perfect… but he was real, honest… He had the courage to express what most of us deny… what we don’t wanna see in a pornstar: the person behind, his sadness, happiness, problems… like any of us, but being judge as an object…
    i always felt identify with his depression, his reactions… i was almost like a friend close to me… i am sorry he lost his battle against depression using drugs… i can never judge him, i know how terrible is that illness… i’ll love forever james, you teached me so much… but you never knew it…

    R.I.P. JAMES.

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