Sean Holmes aka Fratmen Cason – The Hot Webcam Model

You might recognize this hot guy as Fratmen Cason. He’s also known as Sean Holmes and he’s quite popular webcam model on FLIRT 4 FREE.

Sean recently joined a bunch of former Fratmen guys and just did some hot webcam shows on GAY HOOPLA. Check out some preview below.

+ Sean Holmes



+ Fratmen Cason

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  1. Boyeur says

    Fratpad management has a REAL problem with independents like Sean. They like to restrict and OWN their performers. One of their former performers works in a management role there now and is ruining the site.

    They are going the way of F4F anyway. They are constantly trying to upsell and moving you toward pay per view. The site has really slid downward. I have been a member on and off for years and the one thing you can count on is that whatever the members like; they won’t do.

    Sean is a beauty and have watched some of his FLIRT4FREE. Kudos to sexy Sean. He gives really fun shows and knows how to perform in front of a camera.

  2. gio says

    Sean is an exceptional man, on top of being super hot. We’ve been chatting for quite some time, and he’s one in a million…

  3. Johnny Seanvict says

    I agree with gio. Sean Holmes not only gives the hottest shows, but he’s a great person. It always makes my day to chat with and see him.

  4. Johnny Seanvict says

    PS. If you want to know when Sean’s performing & see his hot pics, follow him @The_Sean_Holmes

  5. andrew says

    He has beautiful eyes and he sure is sexy. But, in my opinion, no way does he come close to being as physically beautiful as the Greek god Connor.

  6. SizeQueen says

    “Cason” (on Fratpad) has always been a phenominal performer. Good that he’s doing well on “other sites”. 😉

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