Spencer Reed Gets Fucked On Camera For The Second Time!

The first and only time gay porn star Spencer Reed bottomed on camera was about 4 years ago (give or take). He got fucked by Riley Burke at SUITE 703. That’s LONG time ago at the beginning of his porn career. And it’s quite a hot scene.

Today I found this good news on Queer Porn Nation. His fans will be able to watch Spencer get his ass fucked again for the second time on camera! I believe many people has been waiting for this scene for a long time.

Spencer Reed is filming a flip flop fuck scene with Adam Killian for COLT Studio‘s upcoming military-theme porn movie directed by Kristofer Weston with cute newcomer Drake Wild working as assistant on the set.

For now you can watch the scene Spencer shot with Colt last year, Spencer Reed Fucks Bob Hager.

+ Spencer Reed Fucks Bob Hager


+ Riley Burke Fucks Spencer Reed

+ SUITE 703


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  1. HD says

    Adam Killian makes every scene better! Can’t wait to see this; hope Adam is as rough as Spencer tends to be, because I think Reed is an asshole. A sexy, brickhouse asshole!

  2. alex says

    I hope he takes it bent over, because I hate when a performer’s ass isn’t on display when he’s getting fucked.

    But good for Spencer. He’s much hotter now than he was back then.

  3. manu says

    I m so happy!!Been waiting for this for years now . Spencer as a bottoom is the perfect man!! I m also glad Adam Killian is doing the job , hope that there’s some rimming and most importantly , Adam must go HARD on him 😀

  4. Bull says

    I think he did a scene using the name Francis at tickletorture also. If it isn’t him it looks an awfully lot like him for sure. It’s not a bottoming scene, but the guy is bound and tickled by a woman. Maybe he has a twin!

  5. alex says

    kaike and HD — it’s very obvious that most porn tops are not exclusive tops at home. Arpad — who has never bottom on screen — has won of the most worn holes in porn.

  6. sxg says

    @Manu I believe he came while getting fucked in the 703 scene too, can’t remember though. Also, he has a tramp stamp. Clearly that’s an indication that he bottoms sometimes in his life.

  7. asswipe says

    Tops should never bottom on camera or even let it be known they bottom elsewhere. Sorry but it just ruins the fantasy.

  8. Angelo says

    Road hard and put up wet…he really hasn’t aged well. Lesson to all of us =smoking and hard living lead to dog years

  9. says

    Estoy de acuerdo con ALEx, en que muchos de los porno stars activos en pantalla, no lo son en la vida real. Tal el caso de ARPAD MIKLOS, que es totalmente pasivo con su pareja y con aquellos que le paguen para tal fin.
    Mejor elecciòn que ADAM KILLIAN, para ser pareja sexual de SPENCER REEED, no han podido seleccionar. ADAM darà lo mejor de sì para brindarnos una escena exelente.

  10. Australia man says

    Obviously I do not know Spencer in real life but he gets a bad rap. I want to see Samuel O’Toole bottom and spence and Sam to make up and do a scene. Well impossible pairings do happen.

  11. sxg says

    @Australia, make up? what happened between them? And I’m all for it for them flip fucking, but I bet some ppl wouldn’t as they look too similar and will claim it looks like incest.

  12. Australia man says

    No idea sxg if you will ever read this but what I thought was Samuel slagged off Spencer a year or so ago, so I thought they were bitching at each other, but of course that is not important. As for incest, nah it would be hot to see those two getting it on, though I think that both of them have gotten a bad rap for being bad boys and arseholes, but I live in Australia so what do I know.

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